A few Slovenian bloggers received products from Bocassy, a brand that is new to me. I've been trying my two products for a month or so now and I'm finally able to tell you what I think. A few days ago I even spotted them in Müller in Celje and I felt like I saw a celebrity, haha. Let's see what I think of these two products ...

Both of the products arrived in pretty burgundy cardboard packaging and are enclosed in heavy glass jars. I think the packaging is absolutely lovely & quite luxurious, but I'll get more in detail when I talk about each product by itself. The products are high end, the company is Parisian and the skincare is natural. What I love most is the fact that this truly is high end both on the inside and the outside, but the products are not expensive at all!

Let's start with the Light Day Cream. The kind representative chose this product for me after my initial concern, as the products are anti-aging and I'm only 23, plus, my skin is very oily and acne prone. I have to say she chose perfectly. The moisturizer is indeed very light. This is perfect for the summer months, it gives loads of hydration but is gentle enough. It also smells absolutely lovely, so it's a pleasure to apply. Now personally, I wouldn't purchase this because I just need more from a cream, mainly because my skin is so problematic - I really have to combat that and while this hydrates it, it's not meant to fight acne, which is a big problem of mine ... Nonetheless, lovely & I will adore using it in the summer months. The price is around 22€ for 50 ml.

The Serum from Bocassy, however, is a total winner for me. This comes in the best packaging ever - a tall glass bottle with a really unique pump. The serum is even lighter than the cream and sinks in so fast, it smells lovely once again & I just can't rave about it enough! I'm honestly dreading that it will run out, because it's the perfect foundation under my makeup, it doesn't move around and sinks in so there's no excess. I like using it in combination with a moisturizer as well, it works perfectly with my more drying creams, because it infuses moisture into my skin. It costs around 25€ for 50 ml.

If you have skin like mine - very oily/combination, prone to blackheads and breakouts, you will love the serum. Light and inoffensive, it won't irritate your skin at all and will give it plenty of moisture. The day cream is lovely, but if your skin is very problematic, maybe not for you (though it won't do any damage - I didn't break out from it at all).
What is your favourite moisturizer at the moment?