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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My favourite micellar solution

Micellar solution is my favourite product to remove makeup.

I shudder to think of the years before it came along, when I'm pretty sure I used makeup remover wipes ... The horror! I've tried my fair share of micellar solutions so far, including Bioderma, Yves Rocher, Vichy, La Roche Posay and Garnier, but I think I've finally found my favourite.

Corine de Farme is a brand that is completely new to me, and when I was offered the chance to try their products, I chose the micellar water since I was just running out of mine from Green Line. First thing I noticed - huge packaging. This comes with 500 ml of product guys, that is a LOT of micellar solution! I've been using it for two months and I haven't even used half of it.

I started using it and instantly loved it. There's absolutely no scent to this. It doesn't irritate my skin at all, while Bioderma, for example, made my skin feel awful and my eyes itch terrible. It's really just a neutral water and it removes makeup better than any other I've tried. When I used it for the first time, I was shocked when my cotton pads came away about five times dirtier than usual, and I wasn't wearing different makeup, this just removed more product.

To quickly touch on the packaging, as you can see it has a pump which is awesome! I love using it because it doesn't waste product, it's super practical and dispenses the perfect amount. Definitely one of the main reasons this is a favourite, the pump is a great addition.

At this point, I was certain this was a good product, but then I checked the price. It's under 7€. Can you believe that? Incredibly inexpensive, so high quality, and awesome packaging to boot. I cannot recommend this enough, and if you can get your hands on this brand, make sure you try this micellar solution, it won't disappoint.
What is your favourite micellar solution?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Olaz Regenerist Face Brush Review

Face brushes. A thing of the past?

I remember when I first started watching Youtube and Clarisonic was all the rage. Everyone seemed to have one, and I even started saving for one, but at the time, they weren't available anywhere & I'd have to get it online and I was too worried about taxes and the electric charger not being the right one.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and me shopping in Müller in Celje. I stood in front of the Clarisonic tentatively, too afraid to even pick it up, and finally gave up. Then, when browsing the skincare aisle I spotted this brush by Olaz, which was priced at 30€. I even put it in my shopping basket which I ended up leaving on the floor (I still cringe about it). But the next day, I went to Graz with my boyfriend, and this brush was there again ... Discounted to 20€ in drogerie markt. I didn't hesitate and just got it.

I was so excited I had to try it right away. The price is of course the biggest difference between this and the Clarisonic, the other one costs around 150€ while this one's regular price is 30€. It comes with two batteries, the brush holder and a small brush as well as a small cleanser to try out. I love that you don't have to plug it in! I was initially worried because the attachment for the brush is a little flimsy, but it's perfectly fine. You pop it on there & add some cleanser, then you press either button on the back (there are two speeds) and use it on your face. By the way, as opposed to the Clarionic's 25€, the replacement brush for Olaz is around 5-6€.

And what is my experience with the brush?

I get it. I get the hype.

This brush does wonders for my skin, and I mean serious wonders. I always remove makeup with micellar solution and after cleansing it with the Olaz Regenerist Brush, the brush was so dirty - awful to know that was left on my skin. It literally removed dirt and grime in one step and my skin felt fresh, incredibly soft and not oily or dry in the least. Applying moisturizer was a dream, even the thickest one sank in straight away.

When using this twice a day, I definitely saw a huge difference, though there was a little bit of irritation and redness if I used it morning and night. But when I got a little lazy and didn't use it for a couple of days, my skin immediately showed the signs.

This brush helps clearing impurities, my pores are so clean at the moment and even my boyfriend commented they look smaller. It makes your skin purge a little but nothing drastic, and it helps fade dark marks. Honestly, I'm so happy with it, I can't believe I waited this long to get one ... The results are amazing. For 20-30€, I can't recommend this enough, and I think you honestly need it in your life because it will change your routine and your skin!
Do you own a face brush?


Sunday, March 29, 2015

L'Oreal False Lash Wings Intenza Mascara

Today's post is in Slovenian for a change since there is a giveaway at the end for my local readers - sorry about that! But I would definitely recommend this beauty of a mascara!

Va-va-voom trepalnice!

Moje iskanje popolne maskare se kar ne konča, sem pa prišla kar blizu z novo L'Orealovo maskaro False Lash Wings Intenza. Maskara se ponaša s krasnim rdeče-srebrno-črnim pakiranjem, je resnično črne barve in ima plastično krtačko, ki se odlično upogiba. Sama nisem največja oboževalka plastičnih krtačk, ker imam raje volumen, vendar me je tale res navdušila.

Super maskara, ki trepalnice naredi res dooooooooolge, zraven pa doda tudi ravno dovolj volumna. Meni je res všeč, pa sem pri maskarah kar zahtevna, naravnega videza pri trepalnicah res ne maram, temveč želim veliko drame, volumna in dolžine. False Lash Wings Intenza je pri vseh treh odlična. Sicer so mi bile pa L'Oreal maskare vedno všeč ... Za ceno okrog 12€ je res vredna nakupa.

Zdaj pa še presenečenje - v sodelovanju z L'Oreal Adria bomo petim srečnicam podelili maskaro, o kateri danes govorim! 

Za sodelovanje prosim izpolnite spodnje Rafflecopter, kot ponavadi pa bom tudi tokrat zmagovalke izbrala sama.
Vso srečo, lepotičke!
Katerih objav si želiš na blogu?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Le Couvent Des Minimes Eau Des Matines Collection

Spring is in the air ...

And I couldn't be more ready for it! I'm definitely a fall type of girl, but for some reason, this year I'm really looking forward to the warmer months. And while I'm not really loving the rainy weather at the moment, I can't wait for the sunshine and warm days to arrive!

With the arrival of spring, several brands have new collections to present as well, and I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to try the new collection from Le Couvent Des Minimes, Eau des Matines.

I haven't tried Le Couvent Des Minimes before, but it's a brand I've spotted in my local Müller and browsed several times. I received the Awakening Shower Dew, Cologne & Hand Cream. Eau des Matines translates to Morning if I'm not mistaken, and I definitely think it's named appropriately ...

Hand Cream

It's super cute and comes in a smaller packaging which is perfect for your purse. This hand cream is really heavily scented, which I don't mind, because the fragrance of this collection is perfect. Very fresh, strong & infused with citrus, it also has notes of crisp apple, fig flower, basil and - my personal favourite - pear. I've noticed pear is one of my favourite notes and it makes this scent very special, it really does scream morning. The hand cream is so light but luxurious at the same time, I just love the formula, I need to try other hand creams from this brand to see if they all have the same wonderful consistency. The price is 6,10€ in Müller in Slovenia.

Awakening Shower Dew

This is a clear shower gel with the same citrus fresh scent, perhaps a bit lighter than the hand cream. I feel like it's very invigorating, it cleanses my skin perfectly & smells beautiful, it's perfect for morning use because that scent will wake you right up. The price is 9,90€ - perhaps a bit on the pricy side?


I'm a bit torn, because I. Freaking. Love. This. Scent. It's so beautiful ... So perfect, and unisex as well. I want to wear it every day, unfortunately, as I've mentioned several times, my skin drinks up perfume like nothing and it disappears on me in 15 minutes. If your skin isn't like that, it might stay for hours, I'm not sure, but I've found a good solution - use it as room spray! I work from home now and when I spray this it stays for hours on bedding & pillows, making my room smell better than any candle. At 28,50€ it's a little expensive, but if you adore the scent like I do, you won't have too much trouble with that price.

A wonderful crisp & fresh collection, Eau des Matines is just beautiful and worth a try. My favourite product is the cologne, but for best value, try the hand cream. Available in Maxi, Nama & Müller in Slovenia.
Have you heard/tried anything from Le Couvent Des Minimes before?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Bocassy Light Day Cream & Serum Review

A few Slovenian bloggers received products from Bocassy, a brand that is new to me. I've been trying my two products for a month or so now and I'm finally able to tell you what I think. A few days ago I even spotted them in Müller in Celje and I felt like I saw a celebrity, haha. Let's see what I think of these two products ...

Both of the products arrived in pretty burgundy cardboard packaging and are enclosed in heavy glass jars. I think the packaging is absolutely lovely & quite luxurious, but I'll get more in detail when I talk about each product by itself. The products are high end, the company is Parisian and the skincare is natural. What I love most is the fact that this truly is high end both on the inside and the outside, but the products are not expensive at all!

Let's start with the Light Day Cream. The kind representative chose this product for me after my initial concern, as the products are anti-aging and I'm only 23, plus, my skin is very oily and acne prone. I have to say she chose perfectly. The moisturizer is indeed very light. This is perfect for the summer months, it gives loads of hydration but is gentle enough. It also smells absolutely lovely, so it's a pleasure to apply. Now personally, I wouldn't purchase this because I just need more from a cream, mainly because my skin is so problematic - I really have to combat that and while this hydrates it, it's not meant to fight acne, which is a big problem of mine ... Nonetheless, lovely & I will adore using it in the summer months. The price is around 22€ for 50 ml.

The Serum from Bocassy, however, is a total winner for me. This comes in the best packaging ever - a tall glass bottle with a really unique pump. The serum is even lighter than the cream and sinks in so fast, it smells lovely once again & I just can't rave about it enough! I'm honestly dreading that it will run out, because it's the perfect foundation under my makeup, it doesn't move around and sinks in so there's no excess. I like using it in combination with a moisturizer as well, it works perfectly with my more drying creams, because it infuses moisture into my skin. It costs around 25€ for 50 ml.

If you have skin like mine - very oily/combination, prone to blackheads and breakouts, you will love the serum. Light and inoffensive, it won't irritate your skin at all and will give it plenty of moisture. The day cream is lovely, but if your skin is very problematic, maybe not for you (though it won't do any damage - I didn't break out from it at all).
What is your favourite moisturizer at the moment?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My new bed!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been renovating my bedroom. Since my boyfriend now lives with us, it was just not cutting it anymore - when we moved in 6 years ago, my room was designed for one person and now it needs to accommodate two and we definitely needed an upgrade.

My old bed was just a frame from Ikea which cost 100€ and honestly, it was not suited for two people. The bed was lumpy and squeaky, you couldn't even put a finger on it without it making so much noise you would think a cat was mating outside. 

So I started searching for a new bed with one condition - I really wanted it to have storage, and at first, I checked out some beds with drawers, but in the end, I decided on a bed that lifts up, because you can put loads of things inside. However, a bed like that is incredibly hard to find ...

Enter Harvey Norman.

I found their Dionis bed and it was love at first sight. The top lifts up, its 160 cm wide and it has the prettiest headboard I've ever seen in stores around here. I also love the pure white colour. Let's not mention our trip to the store in Ljubljana, when I spotted a suede dark purple bed, promptly fell in love and was immediately told off by Tilen, who claimed 'the room was princess-y enough without the purple MoFo.' 

I ordered the bed on Friday and it was promptly delivered Monday morning. The two deliverymen even carried it up into our apartment (I felt awful because they had to go up 6 flights of stairs). Then came the part we thought would be easiest - putting it together. This is the only gripe I have with the Dionis bed, it came in two parts with the headboard being separated from the bottom, and you had to screw it in. 

Fast forward three hours, I'm lying inside the bed, my mom is holding the headboard and my dad is cursing like a crazy person trying to screw the bolts. The screws are about 1,5 cm too short, which is really annoying and makes attaching the bed to the headboard nearly impossible. I don't know whether it's the case with all Dionis beds but it's a huge pain in the butt! The price is 450€ which I think is okay for a bed of this quality, ignoring the putting-it-together part.

That aside, as soon as the bed was up, I was in love. It's exquisite, it looks fit for a queen (and king, shut up, Tilen). As you can see, we painted all the walls lilac except for one which is in white wood and the white ceiling. The 'Dream' quote is from Mömax in Graz and the pretty bedding is from Next

Very quickly, let me just mention the blankets. One is from Ikea, it was reduced to a bargainous 15€ (the purple knitted one), and the second one is incredibly soft and has pom poms. Seriously. Need I say more?! It's from Vonj Narave, a Slovenian store which you can find in Ljubljana and Celje as well as online. Let me just tell you, getting the pom pom one was a BATTLE. Tilen hates it (HOW CAN ANYONE HATE IT? It's beautemous).

Whew, that's a long post. I'm only showing you my bed today because the rest of the room isn't finished yet, we still have to get new desk chairs and an armchair so it might take another few months to get it set up. But would you be interested in a room tour when it's done? I'd love to do one.
What does your bedroom look like? 


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Share the love!

Long time no see!

I've been gone for a little while - the reason behind that is work, work, work & renovating our bedroom, which is taking up a lot of time! I'll be sharing some photos with you soon, but in the meantime I wanted to tell you about a few of my favourite blogs.

I feel like we don't share the love enough and I really love the blogs I'll be mentioning today so I hope you will find some new reads for yourself! Let's see what I've been clicking lately ...

Mateja's Beauty Blog

We all know Mateja is my favourite blogger, right? I just wanted to mention her again, because her blog keeps getting better & better, and she's just a person I trust completely - when she says a product is good, you can bet it really is, and same with products she doesn't like. Whenever I'm beauty shopping, I make sure to check her blog and I'll immediately have a list of things I need. What I also love is that she always includes swatches of the products. Plus, can you believe she uses her phone to take her photos? Amazed!

Sophie's Makeup

Sophie's blog is a recent find and one I've fallen head over heels in love with. I think she has the best photography out there and that is no exaggeration. Head over to her blog for oodles of inspiration and the most beautiful, creative & plain pretty photography ever. I honestly find it hard to read her posts because I'm glued to the photos! But her ideas are awesome as well and I love that she does her favourites color coordinated. In my opinion, the lovely Sophie should have way more followers, because I think many of us love gawking at her pretty blog!


A discovery from a few months ago, Beautyminded is an absolutely gorgeous blog that looks more like an online magazine. It's written by Katia from Belgium and I'm totally in love with her photography. You can probably tell I'm a sucker for flowers and I love that she includes them in her photos. She focuses more on high end products and whenever I'm #feelingspendy, I know where to head! I think Katia has a great sense of aesthethics, her photographs are beautiful and unique and I love browsing her blog for product reviews.

That's Just Fabulous

Faith's blog is another favourite because of the photography (plus awesome posts, of course). She is from the US and one of the only overseas blogs I read, because UK and European blogs just have products that are more accessible to me. With clever post ideas and features plus some very pretty, light & airy photography, Faith's blog is a joy to browse. She also does outfit posts occasionaly, though her blog is more beauty centered, and I absolutely love her style.

Pink Pot

Chaitra's blog is one I've been following for more than a year. I think I found it ages ago when she just started and she didn't have that many followers - the number has bloomed over the past few months and I couldn't be more happy for her, because she has such a useful and awesome blog! She posts blogging tips frequently and often tells us tips and tricks for blogging, photography and makeup as well, which is why her blog has become a staple in my reading routine. She also designs blog templates, if you need a new one.

I think it's safe to say you've found some new reading & gawking material and I really hope you enjoy some of my favourite reads. This time, I tried to focus on blogs I feel like deserve more attention, and not mention those big ones we all know and love. Hope you enjoyed!
What is your favourite blog?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nanshy Makeup Brushes First Impressions

Is there a better feeling than applying your makeup with a brand new brush?

My Real Techniques brushes are looking a little worse for wear. I've had my Core Collection Kit for a year and a half now and the brush I use to apply my foundation has definitely seen better times. I decided I absolutely needed new face brushes, and this is where Nanshy comes in.

It's a relatively new brand to me, but I loved the look of their brushes - sleek, pretty & they seem like they do the job well. The price is great too, as the brushes were both under 15€. I got the Buffed Base Brush as well as the Flawless Foundation Brush. I've used them two times and already, I'm totally in love!

Let's start with the Flawless Foundation Brush, which is my favourite out of the two. First of all, it's incredibly soft and very dense. Applying makeup with this is an absolute dream, it glides over the skin and it applied my makeup so well, distributing it nicely and not setting in my pores. I tried it with both liquid and powder foundation and I love it for both. I might have to get another one of these, because ...

The Flawless Foundation Brush by Nanshy is currently my #1 brush - and I've only had it for 3 days.

Moving on to the Buffed Base Brush, this reminds me very much of the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques. It's very soft again, quite dense (more so than the Flawless Foundation Brush), and I like it more for applying powder products, like blusher, bronzer and translucent powder. Again, it's lovely, and I'm definitely not sorry I got it.

Nanshy brushes are cruelty-free and synthetic, they're incredibly soft and beautiful (you can also get them in black, but I thought the white looked so pretty). They're not that expensive, coming in at about 14€ a piece, and I would strongly, strongly recommend them!
What is your favourite brand of makeup brushes?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Subrina Professional Hydro Gift Set

I love a good set!

Because I was in dire need of some moisture for my hair, I ordered the Hydro Gift Set by Subrina Professional a month or so ago. This set inxludes the Hydro Shampoo & Conditioner as well as the Special Nutri-Milk Spray by the same brand. The set retails for around 13€, which is a complete bargain, and the main reason I got it.

And what did I think of the products?

I'll start off with my favourite, which was the Hydro Shampoo. It's indeed very hydrating, but it doesn't weight the hair down in the slightest. It's very light, but gives hair much needed moisture. My hair is very damaged, so it's quite dry, but the roots tend to get oily fast, and this shampoo was perfect for my type. It didn't make my hair any more greasy, but it improved the look of my ends.

The conditioner was okay, but perhaps too light for my hair. I expected this, which is why I also got the Subrina Professional Repair mask (review coming soon). The conditioner is quite light and doesn't weigh down your hair, so I would strongly recommend it for normal hair with dry ends.

Finally, the Nutri Milk Spray. This is my least favourite product - I really feel like it doesn't do much for my hair. It's a cool product, smells absolutely lovely and can be sprayed in the hair, which is awesome (I prefer it to the application of products that you have to put in the palm of your hand). Unfortunately - perhaps due to the application - it just didn't do much for my hair. I will say it definitely improved the appearance, but when I compare it to my favourite leave-in conditioner, which is Redken Anti-Snap Extreme Leave-In Treatment, the results are far better with the other product. Again, I'd recommend the milk to people with normal hair with dry ends. It also helps flyaways. And the way I like to use it is spray it throughout the day, when my hair gets unmanageable and dry. I think I will love it in the summertime.

The shining star of this set is definitely the shampoo, which you can buy on Click2Chic.si. I love it, and if I wasn't such a beauty junkie, I would definitely repurchase (I've run out already). The conditioner and milk are good, but not for my hair type. Recommended to people with normal hair with slightly dried out ends & perfect sping/summer products!
What is your favourite haircare product?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beauty Haul!

How about a haul?

I've managed to accumulate a few more beauty bits which I'm sharing with you today. I missed an event by La Roche Posay, but they were kind enough to send me a few things that I would've gotten in the goody bag. We have their Thermal Water Spray, which is great for those upcoming summer days, as well as the Nutritic Intense Riche Moisturizer. I've been using the moisturizer since my skin is so dry at the moment, and I like it a lot, plus I just love the signature LRP scent!

I ordered from FeelUnique for possibly the first time (I know, where have I been?!) and I got a few hair necessities. I needed new shampoo and conditioner, and I was extremely excited to find the brand OGX on there. I got the Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner, but I have to say, I'm not in love with them ... I've used them once and today is my second day after washing, my hair is really frizzy, unmanageable and a little greasy. So disappointing, I was so excited about these! :( I also got the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Mask. No thoughts yet as I haven't tried it yet.

I also shopped on Salma and got Katy Perry Meow and Purr, because the prices are just insane! So happy about both of these, one is floral and the other more fruity. Full reviews coming up, of course!

You can expect a few more beauty hauls in the near future as I've discovered BeautyBay.com and am totally in love, plus I have my eye on a few more fragrances ... To be continued!
What was your last beauty buy?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Marlenha Blossom Elixir

Hey, wanna treat yourself?

If the answer is yes, I think you should get the Marlenha Blossom Elixir. I've had this product since the fall and am only posting about it now ... Let's talk about this wonderful moisturizer, because I cannot wait to share it with you all!

Let's talk about the brand first. Marlenha is an Italian brand of luxurious skincare, which is made in Verona and inspired by roses. They use botanical ingredients and offer anti-aging properties. The products contain no parabens, paraffins or petrolum, no alcohol, no formaldehydes, no artificial antioxidants, no synthetic colours, no GMO ingredients and no ingredients of animal origin, so they are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

The product I tried out from the brand is the Blossom Elixir. This is a very strange product. Why you ask? Because it's extremely nourishing, but very light at the same time. As you all know, my skin at the moment is awful because of an auto-immune condition, and it's very dry yet oily at the same time ... I've been enjoying using this product so much because it nourishes my dry skin yet doesn't make it oilier, feels light and sinks in very fast. Also, it's firming & lifting - I can't say I've noticed that effect since I'm only 23 and I don't really have wrinkles yet, but it doesn't sting or make my skin feel tight at all. I'd also like to touch on the scent, which is like a fresh rose, so beautiful it makes you want to use it because of the fragrance alone! The product is enriched with argan oil, red algae, vitamin E and jojoba oil.

The only bad part is the price, as it is priced at 58 pounds. But I think it would make an amazing gift for birthdays, or even Mother's Day which is coming up soon! I would recommend it for dry to combination skin types, especially dehydrated skin that gets oily, for an age range of 25+. 

I absolutely love reviewing products like this one - I love the brand's philosophy, the ingredients, and the product itself ... Marlenha is definitely one to keep in mind, and if you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful skincare item, look no further! More information on their website.
 What is your favourite skincare product?


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne Body Mist

I want strawberries and champagne ...

I really do, but I'm not going to have any because I'm taking about 5 different types of meds at the moment, haha! Instead, how about a review of this delicious Victoria's Secret body mist? Let's get started!

These body mists are newly available in Slovenia, but you can always get them on Salma.si, where they have tons of different scents. They also have the matching lotion, which I'm very tempted to get, as well as a body moisturizer that is a bit thicker in consistency. The body mist itself costs 12,40€.

The scent I have is Strawberries & Champagne. This is, in my opinion, the most unique scent of their body mists. It's very different, not fruity, not floral ... It's hard to pinpoint its scent, but it definitely does smell like champagne! It's also a little woody and a little fruity, but very different from the typical sweet fruity scents (think Fantasy, Katy Perry perfumes and so on). I personally LOVE it and so does Tilen, and I've gotten a lot of compliments while wearing this, but when people smell the bottle, they don't like it as much. I guess it's just one of those scents that work well on the skin.

I'm craving more of these perfumes, they really are lovely ... Hopefully I'll add a few more to my collection soon!
Do you own any Victoria's Secret scents?
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