Wouldn't you say it's time for a little haul?

I haven't been shopping in ages, but I got a few things for review lately which I wanted to show you. I feel obligated to say this post isn't meant for bragging, but if you're like me and hauls are your favourites, you'll know why I decided to hit publish! Also, I wanted to ask which items you're most interested in so I know what to test first!

You'll see no bodycare in this post as I've explained previously I have a skin condition at the moment (it's getting worse and worse), but no reason I shouldn't try new nail polish and skincare, right? Let's see what we have here ...

I got a few things from Click2Chic.si which I'm so excited about! The thing I cannot wait to use (but am forced to because I need to take photos of it first) is this Nanshy Marvel Sponge. You have no idea how badly I want to try it and it's been so annoying looking at it without using it. This is a super cool makeup blending sponge that has a flat side on one end, which makes blending really easy. You can get it here for around 7,5€.

I also got two Models Own nail polishes, one is from the new collection with metallic finish - gold, perfect - the other is a HyperGels one in an apricot colour. Couldn't find more 'me' colours, don't ya think? Will report back on these, as I'm planning on wearing one today - I have a bloggers event to go to. The gold polish is called Gold, apricot one is Long Beach Peach (d'aww).

Let's talk skincare. I was contacted by Bocassy, a new brand to me, who sent me a serum and a day cream. The Light Day Cream is very light indeed, smells wonderful and seems nicely moisutrizing - can't say more, as I've only used it a few times. My favourite is the Serum, though. Again, lovely scent, light, moisturizing, sinks into the skin very fast ... I also love the unique pump! Bocassy is available in Müller and you can also look at their website here.

Finally, the lovely Tajda at Oblak asked me if I'd like to try some new products. I have to say Oblak is one of my favourite companies to work with, they are really amazing - I can't forget the little gifts they send me, like for the first day of spring, Valentine's day ... So sweet! I requested the REN Micro Polish Cleanser, which looks really cool, and I liked the other cleanser I tried (from the Rosa Centifolia range), which had tiny beads, so I'm hoping this is great as well. Get it here for 29€.

A new brand to Oblak - and to me as well - is Corine de Farme. I got two products from them, the Micellar Solution as well as the Refreshing Orange Blossom Mist. So excited about these two, because they're affordable at 7€ and 5€, are big bottles and have up to 99% ingredients of natural origin. I just got them (literally 20 minutes ago) in the mail, so I can't say more than that just yet.

These are a few of my new things, but I'm planning another post like this if you don't mind, as I'm going to a Melvita event today. Incredibly excited about that because I adore Melvita. And I think I also have an incoming package from La Roche Posay ... Stick around if you'd like to see what I get.
What was the last thing you got in your mailbox?