Hello you!

Yes, you reading this! I want to personally apologize for being a very bad beauty blogger. I've been slacking lately and haven't put out many posts at all. Truth is, I'm quite busy with another project, which has nothing to do with blogging, and my job too, of course ... But those are all excuses and I really need to find more time to write. So I hope you will forgive me & here's to many amazing posts in the future!

That being said, today I wanted to do a quick first impressions post on Zuii. Zuii is an organic brand of makeup, which isn't tested on animals. I was sent two products from the company as a Christmas present and am finally reviewing them now (where has the time gone?!) Let's start with my favourite.

I got a Zuii Lipstick in Cashmere, and as soon as I opened the tube, I knew I would love it. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know of my love for MAC Plumful and Lovelorn. This is like a mix of the two, but with a more matte texture, and I love it so much! Very pretty colour, nice staying power ... What more could you want? In Slovenia, you can find these in Nama and on this website, otherwise, head over to the Zuii website. Price is $30.

And now for the Foundation Primer. Initially, I was not too thrilled about this one, because I have a bunch of primers already ... But this one is different! You know how primers have that silicone-y feeling on your skin? This one doesn't at all. It's more like a moisturizer, and it manages to really reduce the redness in my skin, which is awesome. My skin has been insanely oily lately, and the matte effect of my foundation lasts a bit longer when I apply this primer, but mostly, I love it for fighting redness. $35 here.

Zuii seems like a really promising brand and from my first try, I am intrigued! I love their pretty packaging, too. I'd love to try the foundations, more lip products, and their makeup brushes. Definitely for those of you who want cruelty-free, organic products. For more information, head here.