I thought I'd do a little post on organizing. I'm absolutely awful when it comes to this, but I've been trying a few self-imposed tips and tricks to get better. I was also approached by minted.com to do a post about their website, and I seriously love, love, love everything they sell, so I included some suggestions for you to get from them! Here are my top tips ...

1. Write your ideas down & keep a notebook at hand - always.

I don't know how many times it has happened that I had a brilliant post idea, didn't write it down, and promptly forgot about it. The best thing to do is keep a small notebook on hand all the time, so you can jot down ideas. A day planner is an awesome idea, too! This idea was spurned by discovering minted.com, a beautiful website with the prettiest stationery ... I'll definitely be ordering some things, like this notebook, a gorgeous print for my room and this incredibly pretty cake stand.

2. Plan your photos and shoot them in bulk.

I used to take a photo per day for each post I wrote. I can't tell you how much easier it is to set a day for shooting and just take loads of photos. Make sure you have good lighting and dedicate the morning to taking photos, you can write the posts later! It's also great for me because I like to have fresh flowers in my photos and if I shoot on the same day, I really get my use of the bouquet. In case you're looking for some other props, check out this pretty ribbon, a gorgeous fabric to use as a backdrop or maybe some pretty wrapping paper.

3. Schedule your posts.

I can't stress this enough - scheduling is your best friend. I know it's great to write a post out of the blue & when you feel inspired (like I am right now), but if you have a schedule of posting, setting them up in advance will help immensely. I like to write them when I have time and then I always have something to back up on. To keep track of your posts, I suggest a daily planner like this beauty.

4. Make use of your inbox.

This could be a post of its own, but for now let's keep it short. First of all, you need an e-mail adress for your blog. It's easy to set up, I use Gmail. Keep it simple and relevant and make sure you mention it on your website. Next, tabs & categories. They're there for a reason. I like to star all e-mails I need to reply to as well as things that need my attention, I sort everything and it helps loads. No more lost mail, no more forgotten replies. If you're old fashioned like yours truly, I also love the idea of business cards & stationery, like this beautiful foil pressed one.

5. Clean desk, clean mind.

Take your own advice, Živa! Tilen and I just got a brand new enormous desk which we are sharing and he's already threatened that I'm not allowed to litter. So I took that as an excuse to buy stationery, because it's obviously the right thing to do. How about this beautiful watercolour? J'adore!

EXTRA! 6. Don't stress & don't put too much strain on yourself.

Remember - you started blogging because it was fun. Sure, it has its perks, but at the end of the day it should make you happy. If you need a break, take it. If you want to post 4 posts in a day, why not? There are no rules, but if you strain yourself, you'll burn out. So keep it light & fun!

Hope you enjoyed these little tips! I always love posting about blogging, it really is a lot of fun.
What is your trick for being a well-organized blogger?

P.S. Check out the new art collection on Minted here!