Let's talk about hair, baby!

My hair looks awful. I don't know why - it's probably a combination of the cold, the heating, the general dryness of it ... But it just looks bad. So I switched up a few things in my haircare routine and wanted to chat about a few products I've found helped me a lot.

Let's start with la creme de la creme, Reken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment. If you get one thing from this post, get this. It's seriously amazing. It's a liquid treatment you put in your damp hair and then let it dry (looks best when you blow dry). It's amazing, my hair doesn't get static-y, it looks smooth and shiny, and it really nourishes my dry ends. I got mine on FeelUnique during a sale, but regular price is 20€ - so worth it!

Next up, Cece of Sweden. This is a relatively unknown brand I discovered at work, and I love it. This product is a hair mask for dry & damaged hair. It really helps my ends look better and they retain much more moisture. They actually stay wet, because usually, when I come out of the shower, they're dry immediately. I quite like it, and I would recommend using it once to twice per week because it is quite rich. Available on Click2Chic for 8€.

How about some love for Subrina Professional? This brand is awesome. I recently revamped my haircare routine with their products (full reviews coming soon), and I like two for dry hair especially.

First of, the Repair Mask. I love this packaging. I love it!! It comes in an enormous bottle of 500 ml and a pump - cue angels singing allelujah. It's great because it doesn't slip, and it smells so nice as well. I love the effect on my hair. This isn't as rich as the Cece mask, so you can use it more regularly. I like to add a dollop to my conditioner each time I wash my hair and it does wonders. Available on Click2Chic for 11€.

And finally, the special Nutri Milk Spray. I didn't like this at first, but now I've found its purpose! I often air dry my hair, which used to work okay, but now it makes it really frizzy. So I spray this on the bottom half of my air dried hair and it gives it some much needed moisture and smoothness. It works very well, and again, smells so nice. Available on Click2Chic for 6€.

I've also added a new shampoo and conditioner, but I think I'll do a separate review on those. Hope this helped you - I hated my hair and these products are real miracle workers.
What is your favourite solution for dry hair?