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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to clean hair that is always greasy

My hair has been greasy for the better part of my life, but only recently has it become so hard to manage. I get out of the shower and my hair is greasy before I even dry it. I was extremely upset about this and was trying to find a solution, when this package landed on my doorstep. I didn't think it would help my problem at first, but I soon discovered it was exactly the product I had been looking for.

There are two main reasons why my hair gets greasy - one is because I have a fringe and it lays on my forehead. My skin is very oily, so naturally, that transfers to my hair, making it not so pretty looking. The other reason is project build up. I use a lot of different hair products, and sometimes, I really have so much build up on my hair it is impossible to clean it with a regular shampoo. This is where the Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends range comes in.

Let me talk about the shampoo first. I think this is an amazing clarifiying shampoo. It truly removes all traces of build up from my hair, and it feels very fresh and light after I wash it. However, I would definitely not recommend using this for every wash, as it is very drying and meant to cleanse your hair, not nourish it. That is when the conditioner comes into play. You only apply it to the ends of the hair, which are usually more damaged and dry from the shampoo, so this nourishes them beautifully. As an extra step, I've also been loving the Lee Stafford Argan Oil Hair Mask, which I've had before, but still love just as much as I did back then. The mask and conditioner really nourish the hair, while the shampoo strips it of all oils and gunk.

I've really been loving this trio - I use the shampoo about once a week (I wash my hair everyday), while the conditioner is a daily staple, and the mask is in use about twice per week. Lee Stafford is a brand I've been extremely satisfied with in the past, and it's definitely a drugstore favourite. Even though it is a bit on the price side, these products are so worth it in my opinion. All of their products smell lovely as well, if I am not mistaken the Oily Roots Dry Ends range has shea butter, which is lovely, while the Argan Oil range is self-explanatory.

Click read more for the Slovenian version.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Cheek Picks

Spring has well and truly arrived, and I am a bit late with posting all my spring-related posts ... However, I thought you might enjoy my new spring blushers which I've been wearing lately, and it's also a great opportunity to introduce you to some new products. This spring, I've been loving gentle, pink shades which give a pretty flush, sometimes even going more natural (gasp!) than usual. Let's see what I've picked.

My number one love is definitely this gorgeous Barry M number. I find it really annoying that the packaging does not state the blusher's name, so I can only guess what it is, but I am pretty sure this is just called Pink. Aside from that, I have no problems at all with this product, actually I am quite in love with it! I randomly picked it out of my makeup collection one day and have probably worn it every day since then, completely neglecting all of my other blushers. It gives an absolutely beautiful finish and looks very natural - by that I don't mean that it gives just a slight flush, it is quite pigmented and gives you a lot of color, if you so desire. The color is a gorgeous pink, which I don't quite know how to describe - it is kind of dusky, but bright at the same time. Just beautiful. You can get it on Licila.si for 7€ (bargain).

The newest addition I have is from Isadora and I received this from our beauty editor at Cosmopolitan (thank you, Katja). Sometimes she lets us choose some products from the beauty closet and needless to say, those are my favourite days in the month. This month, I got three products, and one of them was this beauty which seems pretty harmless but has a major tongue twisting name, are you ready for it? Twist-Up Blush & Go in 08 Spring in Paris. Whew! Doesn't that name just make you want to go to Paris? Ooh la la! Enough of my rambles, let's chat about the product itself. This is a cream blusher in a stick. First impressions: incredibly pigmented, one swipe per cheek gives you loads of color, so be careful when you are applying it. It dries quite powdery, but not completely, though it doesn't smudge. I adore this color, which is similar to Barry M but with a hint of peach thrown it. It's amazing for on the go as well, as you literally just swipe it on your cheek, blend with your fingers & you're done!

The next product I've already told you about here, where you can also see swatches on my cheeks. It's the Makeup Revolution Cream Blusher in Framboise Shake. Oooh, I could go for a rasberry shake right now, how about you? I've already sung high praise to this lovely product in one of my previous posts, but to sum it all up - it's an incredibly pigmented cream blusher that dries completely powdery, which is great as it doesn't smudge at all. Be careful when you're applying it because it has a lot of colour in just one swipe! As you can see, these shades are all similar, but each looks different on my cheeks - this one gives them a lit from within glow, probably because it is cream and dries to powder. You can get it from Licila.si for the amazing price of 2€ (can we please! That's less than a cup of coffee).

And finally, we have a little Catrice gem. I would say the Blush Tint in Rose Flush is perfect to use if you want a really natural look, as if you want a lot of pigmentation, you will need to apply loads. This is presumably a good dupe for Benefit Benetint, at least it looks that way. It's a liquid product with a doe foot applicator, which you press into your cheeks and blend in (I find it's easiest to do so with my fingers). The shade is a very scary red, but it's so subtle you can hardly notice it. Why use it then? I think it gives your cheeks a natural glow, like you've been outside for a walk, which I really like. Definitely perfect if you're starting with blushers or are a bit frightened of them as it is so subtle. I think the price is great, around 3€, but I'm not sure.

What are your favourite spring blushers?
P.S. Slovenske bralke, kliknite na read more za slovenski prevod besedila.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Vichy Favourites

I've been testing out some Vichy products lately and today I thought I'd share my favourite ones. While I've been a bit sceptical about this brand in the past (which was just prejudice really since I hadn't tried anything at that point), I've come to really love this French Pharmacy staple. Here are some of the products that have made their way into my routine.

Starting off with Pureté Thermale 3 in 1 Micellar Water, this is a product I purchased about a year ago and promptly used it up. I was very impressed by this micellar water and it did an amazing job, though I do remember it having a distinctive rose scent - not unpleasant, but quite strong. It took my makeup off very well and despite being so heavily scented, it really did not irritate my eyes (nice change from the Bioderma, which I had been using before - I really don't get the hype, it stung my eyes so badly). It costs around 14€ and you get 200 ml, which is a bit on the expensive side, but if you fancy a treat, I say give it a go.

Next we have the Idéalia Eyes eye cream, which is a fairly new addition to the family. I've been trying it out for the past couple of weeks and it is quite lovely! According to the PR message I received, this is supposed to smooth lines and wrinkles as well as fade dark circles. I mostly noticed it nourished my undereye area very nicely, since I've been having problems with dryness this is much appreciated. What I love most about it though, is the really interesting applicator. When you take the lid off, you see a plastic applicator - I think it's silicone. It applies the cream very gently and precisely and is gentler than tugging at your sensitive skin with your fingertips. You get 15 ml for around 20€ (someone please correct me if I am wrong as I am not sure).

I also received the Idéalia Moisturizer for review. Initially I was (unfairly) disappointed as I really wanted to try out the serum, but the moisturizer has not failed to impress me. First of all, this pale pink and silver packaging is just gorgeous, and second, I absolutely adore the soft floral scent. This cream is incredibly light and moisturizing, so I think you could also use it during the day - I sure do. Just be careful not to apply too much as to prevent it gathering in places. It sinks in quickly and really illuminates my skin - the effect is visible and I have no idea how this is done, but love the result! Have not noticed any breaking out while using this, either. 50 ml cost around 25€ and I have the one for normal to combination skin.

I absolutely have to mention Normaderm Hyaluspot, which is an absolute life saviour and possibly in my top 5 skincare items of all time. This is an incredibly effective spot treatment which I like to apply overnight. It dries any blemishes right up and you wake up with your skin looking a lot better and the imperfections diminished visibly. Out of all the products, I would say this one is a must-buy if you have problematic skin. It comes with a wonderful applicator which is soothing and cooling as well. Really a stand out product, but I am not going to bother doing a review as Nina has done an amazing job on her blog. It costs around 15€ for 15 ml and is well worth the price.

Finally, we have Pureté Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser for sensitive skin. The packaging says this has three effects - toning, removing makeup and cleansing. I tried this out for the first time just to wash my face, as I was very hesitant about it. Come on, a cleanser that can remove your makeup, just like that? I was sure it would burn my eyes like crazy, sting, and that my mascara and eyeliner would run down my face for ages. I tried it in the shower finally and it works miracles! I just washed my face (full of makeup) and it didn't sting at all, I literally had it on my eyes and didn't even have to rinse before I opened them - it did not irritate them at all. And I wear contacts, so my eyes are extra sensitive. It does an amazing job taking all of the makeup off and is an amazing product all around. I've been incredibly satisfied with the Pureté Thermale line so I am definitely willing to try more products from this line. Not sure about the price (sorry) but you get 200 ml which should last you ages.

What are your favourite Vichy products?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Candle of the Month: Timothy Dunn Blue Rose

I haven't done one of my candle of the month posts in absolute ages, and in the time that has passed, I have accumulated a lot of candles that I'm loving. I thought I would talk about the first one today - this was a present I got in my beauty swap from the lovely Becki at Life Looks Perfect. Let's see what I think about it!

First of all, when I opened the package I was incredibly excited to see this beautiful candle - just by the look of it I could tell it was very luxurious, plus it scented the whole package which I was not going to complain about as I love the scent! I checked the description on the website, and at Timothy Dunn they say this candle is inspired by Dunn's mother and her garden. The notes are listed on the site and I will describe them in a minute, but let me tell you what I smell first. It's very floral, and I can definitely make out jasmine and roses. To go a bit more into detail, I learned on their site that the candle also has notes of orange flower (one of my favourite notes), peonies, musk, cedar & green tea. All together they make a heady floral combination which is quite heavy - I wouldn't advise burning this for the whole evening, maybe just 1-2 hours as it scents the room very nicely. I also love the beautiful packaging in the gorgeous white glass jar. In case you want to know, the burn time is listed as 40 hours, which should last you a nice long time.

You can get the Timothy Dunn Blue Rose Plum & Violet Candle on their website for £34.

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Agent Provocateur Duo

I am blaming my aunt for my obsession with Agent Provocateur - I was probably only around 15 when I smelled her AP fragrance, the original one. It was so different to the sickly sweet scents I was used to, and I loved it straight away. I finally got my hands on it in my final year of high school, and I wore it to death that year. It was quite strange though - while that beautiful white floral number smelled incredibly sexy on my aunt, on me it was very innocent.

My aunt loves this brand of perfumes and she has probably tried every and each one (except for the new Fatale, which I am incredibly excited about). She told me she had Petale Noir and had grown a bit tired of it, and asked me if I wanted to do a swap. I agreed, since the original AP fragrance had been sitting on my shelf for years, since I had overworn it in high school. Then a few weeks ago, my aunt mentioned she also had Eau Provocateur up for swap, and I gave her my L'Occitane Vanille et Narcisse in exchange - I could not bring myself to wear it anymore after my mom made a comment saying I smelled like a dude while wearing it (lovely).

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir is a beautiful fragrance with all the charm of the original, but with some interesting notes thrown in. The fragrances share notes of rose, musk, vetiver, magnolia & cedar - and I also totally smell the gardenia in Petale Noir despite it not being listed on any fragrance site. As an addition, Petale Noir also has notes of neroli and mandarin orange, which add a really interesting freshness to this otherwise heavy perfume, and I also adore the added on notes of violet leaf and hyacinth. To describe the fragrance, it is very very heavy with impressive sillage - not for the faint hearted! It's floral with a nice rounded finish of amber and woody notes, which give it a beautiful warm quality. I would say it is very sexy - even on me (laughable as it may seem). Definitely one for nights out or for a special evening ...

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir can be purchased on Fragrance Direct for the bargainous price of 22€.

Let's move on to Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur. It is so interesting to compare this fragrance with its older brother, the original AP perfume. I can see a few similarities, but this, in my opinion, is a completely new & gorgeous creation. Eau Provocateur is beautiful fresh and light, while still maintaing and impressive lasting power and sillage. The mix of white florals and citruses is just beautiful, since the first are very opressive, strong, even cloying, while we all know citruses are fresh, airy and fruity. It makes for an absolutely beautiful combination and I love, love, love the way this smells on me. While I felt the original AP was a bit too grown up for me, this just blends in with my skin and I have received so many compliments while wearing it, which happens really rarely.

You can find Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur on Fragrance Direct for as little as 24€.

It is safe to say Agent Provocateur fragrances have a special place in my heart - they are beautifully crafted perfumes and truly an experience to wear. If only I was wealthy enough to afford their lingerie, though ...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dewy drugstore foundations for spring

I've had quite the eventful morning, but nonetheless decided to do a post today as I am incredibly behind and have so much to tell & show you. I will try to put together some posts to schedule for the next two weeks as I am quite busy and also, I'm going to Amsterdam on the 4th! So excited about this - if you have any tips for me on what to see & do, do let me know as it's my first time going there. Now let's get started with this post.

I know this post might not be for a lot of you - I used to cringe at the mere mention of a dewy finish. In the past, I was a total matte girl - I used setting powder (tons of it), powdered my nose every hour for fear of being shiny et cetera. Let's ignore the fact that my face usually just ended up like a cakey mess, and hope that it is better now. I do still like a bit of matte in the colder months or if I'm wearing a statement lip, but lately I've been really loving a bit of a dewy finish, and have found myself mostly collecting foundations that give me that finish. I decided to mention some nice products that give this look and tell you a little bit about them.

Let's start with the best, because I cannot shut up about it - L'Oreal Lumi Magique. How amazing is this foundation? I've done a full review complete with swatches on my blog already (find it here), so I'll just describe it quickly. A high coverage foundation with the most beautiful finish, this feels like something much more expensive than it actually is. It is great to work with as well, and you can apply it with your fingers or a brush, I like the Buffing Brush from Real Teachniques, which I use to apply all of these.

Moving on to Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect, this is something I picked up when my local drugstore was having an offer. I didn't do any research when I got this, so I was super mad at myself when I found it didn't work well for me. I've come to love it a bit more, though I mostly like mixing this with my other foundations, as by itself, it fades quite quickly and tends to settle in the pores. However, I really love the pretty finish it gives, which is why I'm not giving up on it.

Next up we have another Bourjois option, and this is their CC Cream. Let me just get this out of the way - it's too dark for me, so I might save it for the summer months, and I've only had it for a short while, so I shall do a full review when I try it out a bit more. However, I've already started to fall in love with this product as it gives a really natural finish, has medium coverage, which I love in the warmer months, and is just a good product all around. It's a little bit runny though, so you have to work with it quite quickly, but I honestly don't mind. Definitely something I'm taking on my summer holiday, as I'm not confident enough to go bare faced, and this will give me the perfect amount of coverage. So at first I really thought this would be a gimmick, with all the CCs and BBs and WTFs floating around, but this one actually gets my seal of approval.

For last, I saved my natural option, which is the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation. Not much to update you on with this one as I have already reviewed it (find the post here). It is incredibly creamy and you really don't need a lot, so it will last you ages. I find half a pump covers my whole face and I have quite problematic skin, but this covers it all in a jiffy (ha). It's medium to high coverage with a lovely natural finish, plus perfect for you if you're iffy (what's with all the jiffy's and iffy's) about certain ingredients. Love!

There you have it, my selection of drugstore dewy foundations, all under 20€. Hope you find something you like!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Makeup Revolution - Haul, Swatches, First Impressions

Today I received a beautiful package from a Slovenian online drugstore called Licila.si. They just recently got Makeup Revolution, an amazing new UK makeup brand. I was immediately fascinated when I saw these products pop up on blogs, and I was so so happy to receive everything - whoever chose this products knows me well, because they're perfect for me. Of course, I haven't thoroughly tried out the items, but I wanted to post a first impressions blog post along with some swatches, as I like to take photos of my makeup before I actually start wearing it. So here we go!

Above I have swatched the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers. There are 12 shadows in this palette, ranging from soft and light highlight colors to beautiful golds and bronzes. The palette is warm toned and all in all, nice quality. The first six shades were quite light. None of the colors are chalky, they are nicely pigmented - I especially love the seventh shade, the gorgeous dark bronze which is incredibly buttery and gives off so much color. I cannot say much else as I have not tried it on my eyes yet (I literally got this package an hour ago), but I have to tell you the price - this palette costs 6€. 6!!! With brands like Urban Decay selling their palettes for over 50€, this is amazing. And great quality for the price. Available on Licila.si with free shipping.

I also tried one of their blushers and a lipstick. First of all, do ignore my lips, I've bitten them to oblivion and they're swollen like nobody's business. That aside, let's talk about the lipstick first. This is the Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Beloved, which, at first sight, is quite frightening. However, it is really not that pigmented and is more of a tint or stain. It's a nice color, but it did not impress me that much. It's too drying for my poor lips at the moment and since I have very chapped lips, it really showed those imperfections. Not something for a lip biter like myself, but might be perfect for you. For 2€ though, how can I really complain? Maybe they'll bring out a few different finishes or something, and I'll like those better. Get it on Licila.si with free shipping.

I also have the Makeup Revolution Cream Blusher in Frambroise Shake (bit of a faux pas on Makeup Revolution's part, as it's actually spelled framboise, or maybe it's an incredibly clever word play which I do not get, which would not surprise me). This is totally the stand out product for me. Incredible pigmentation, first of all - on the photo there is only one swipe of the blusher. It feels really nice on my face and dries to a powdery finish. I only have one other cream blush, which is from Illamasqua, and while I love it, it actually stays creamy and smudges as well as feels oily on my skin, which is really unpleasant. This is a beautiful shade with a lovely texture, I just applied it with my fingers and fell in love. Get it on Licila.si with free shipping for the incredible price of 2€ (for comparision, Illamasqua cream blushers are over 20€, and I prefer these).

Finally, I also received Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara, which I did not swatch as the photos did not come out right - I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in it. It has fibers, which I was intrigued by, but it really does not deliver the promised volume. I'd say it's more of a lengthening mascara, and would be perfect for layering.

So to wrap it up - if you are considering getting a few Makeup Revolution bits, I would strongly recommend the palette (beautiful) as well as the cream blushers, which are ah-mazing. The lipstick is not that pigmented, but might work great if you like more of a subtle look and don't have very dried out lips (to be honest, not many lipsticks work for me because my lips are so bad, so do not take this judgement too seriously). And finally, the mascara - not something I'd buy.

Sorry if I seemed a bit negative, I just wanted to be very honest, and I do love two of the products very much! I definitely think I will be picking up more Makeup Revolution bits - I really want to try out the eyeliner as well as more palettes and blushers. So if you're on a bargain, look no further than this lovely new brand. Let's give a round of applause for this new kid on the block!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire

A few weeks ago, I attended an absolutely beautiful event for the launch of Thierry Mugler's new fragrance, Alien Eau Extraordinaire. To be honest I was quite nervous as I hadn't attended such a posh to-do in ages (and the last time I did it ended horribly, but that's a story for another day).

I was first introduced by my aunt who showed me her Alien perfume and it was love at first sniff. An amazing fragrance and even I could sense that it was a unique creation - and I was only around 17 and didn't know the first thing about perfume at the time. I've never had a Mugler perfume, though I am quite familiar with all of them - love Alien, Angel is amazing, but does not seem to smell nice on me, and Womanity is a scent I just don't understand. But Alien has always been the shining star for me, so I was thrilled to learn more about the new fragrance, Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

The presentation of the fragrance was led by Cyrille Yahin, flown in from France - ooh la la! I loved the presentation, during which we were able to sniff each note in the fragrance. Such an amazing experience as I am very interested in specific notes and it was really cool to smell them all separately. Finally, we tried the fragrance itself and after liking all of the notes, I was not suprised to find I loved, loved, loved the scent of Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

Alien Eau Extraordinaire opens up with notes of citrus - bergamot and my favorite neroli, making me love it at first sniff. It is followed by the middle notes of heliotropes and another favorite - tiare flower (cue me shouting this note during the presentation, because I was so thrilled it was in there, and completely embarassing myself, lovely). And finally, it rounds out very very softly with base notes of amber. J'adore! I do sense a similarity with the original Alien, though I do not think jasmine, which is so prominent in the regular Alien, is present in this concoction, but dare I say I like the addition of Tiare even more?

We were also introduced to another sweet, sugary treat, namely the new Angel Eau Sucrée which will be arriving to Slovenia shortly. My oh my! What a deliciously sweet gourmand scent - I approve. Arriving in a gorgeous frosted bottle in the iconic shape of a star, it has notes of delicious meringue (very caramel-y), vanilla, sweet red berries and a hint of patchouli to round it out. It totally woke up my inner teenager and I would love to own the Eau Sucrée as well - it is limited edition though, so keep an eye out.

The event was so much fun and I just had to include the press photo of the snacks we had - they were made with ingredients used in the notes of the two perfumes, like vanilla, meringue and chocolate, how clever - and might I add, delicious. I really want to thank everyone who made this event possible, it was just lovely, and I got to take home a full bottle of Alien Eau Extraordinaire, which I have been wearing non-stop (this one will get you some serious compliments, ladies).

I'm off to spritz my stockings with perfume now - a tip we got from Monsieur Yahin that I was a bit sceptical about at first, but oh my gosh, it makes fragrance stay on so much longer! Definitely give it a try and remember - be extraordinary.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost gone

I recently decided to give my fragrance collection a clean out and gave away loads of scents. I'm still left with loads of perfumes, but a lot of them are very well loved, as you can see. Today I thought I'd share some of my current favorites which I've been loving and are now almost gone.

Starting off with Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose, this is a perfect fragrance for spring and summer. It's very fresh, floral and fruity, but definitely not one of those cloying scents. It's very light, actually. Mostly I'm in love with one of the main notes, which is peony - one of my favorite flowers. It also has some musk to round it up nicely and another note I love in perfumes - pear. It makes every scent sweeter. I do wish this lasted longer though, as I often resort to carrying it around in my bag to reapply during the day.

Next up is Victoria's Secret Gorgeous, which I got from a lovely friend (thank you!) I am totally obsessed with this perfume, it is so me! A fruity floral once again, a bit similar to the previous one I mentioned. I love the sweet note of strawberry in this one, as well as jasmine and a hint of citrus to make it fresh and sparkling.

We also have Yves Rocher Comme une Évidence, which is probably my favourite floral perfume, ever. This perfume has many flankers, but I stay true to the original, which is a lovely mix of rose, lily of the valley, rhubarb and musk. It reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, though it is more gentle, inoffensive, something with less musk. If Lovely is too musky for you but you like the general direction, you would love this one. It also lasts a really long time, but the sillage is not that strong. Love it.

Buy it on Yves Rocher from 24€.

And finally, la creme de la creme, my all-time favourite ... Princess by Very Wang. I'm a bit embarrased to admit that I have had this one since high school. It smells like chocolate, vanilla, a hint of citrus, and a note I love - tiare flower. Just a beautiful, very soft, well rounded and sweet scent I wish I could wear everyday. I really need to get a new bottle ASAP & I just saw it was on offer on my favourite site for perfume shopping. O-ooh.

Buy it on Fragrance Direct for 30€.

Do you have any perfumes you've used up?

Monday, April 14, 2014

A lil' organizing never hurt nobody

To tell you the truth, I'm nowhere neat a tidy person. Actually I'm probably the messiest girl in existance (as confirmed regularly by Tilen). I do however, sometimes attempt to clean up and organise the chaos which is my room. In order to do so, I found myself perusing Ebay, and set my eyes on this organizer for lipsticks. At around 3,5€ it was a total bargain and a must buy for me. Admittedly, it took ages to get here (around a month), but I immediately put in my lipstick and random things that fit and this beauty is now proudly sitting above my desk. Really useful and awesome for storing your beauty bits, and you really cannot beat that price.

You can find this organizer on Ebay with free shipping.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Playlist – Pesmi, ki mi vedno polepšajo dan

Predstavljaj si – prišla si na najboljšo zabavo, vse je super, ampak glasba je naravnost grozna. Verjamem, da te je kar minilo, da bi se smejala. Zato sem danes želela s tabo deliti playlist desetih pesmi, ki me vedno razveselijo in spravijo v dobro voljo.

10. Plasticines – B*tch
Za tisti trenutek, ko gre vse narobe, imaš vsega dovolj in si lahko povsem upravičeno ... saj veš kaj.

9. Lana del Rey – Lolita
Ker se mi zdi popolna pesem za toplejše mesece, ki so že pred vrati.

8. Carolina Liar – Show Me What I'm Looking For
Ker v meni zbuja tujo željo po petju/dretju besedila na ves glas.

7. Miike Snow – Animal
Ker me spomne, da je najhujše že mimo, in da bo najboljše šele prišlo.

6. Klaxons – Echoes
Ker sem jih videla v živo in te pesmi še vedno nisem prebolela.

5. White Arrows – Coming or Going (RAC Remix)
Brez razloga, ker je pač kul.

4. Passion Pit – Carried Away
Za dan, ko si se skregala s svojim fantom in imaš vsega dovolj. Da te prepriča, da bo še vse v
redu. P.S. Ne sprejemam odgovornosti za poistovetenje z videospotom!

3. Crystal Fighters – Follow
Ker mi je preprosto všeč (in vedno ob poslušanju začnem izvajati človeštvu prej nepoznane
plesne gibe ...)

2. Idina Menzel – Frozen
Ker brez malo Disneya pri meni pač ne gre.

1. MGMT – Electric Feel
Najljubša pesem vseh časov. 

Tudi tokrat imam pripravljeno nagradno igro! Tokrat podeljujem dva paketka Aquafresh zobne ščetke in paste High Definition White, ki bosta šla v roke prvim dvem osebam, ki upoštevata pravila in odgovorita na vprašanje – katera pesem pa tebe vedno spravi v dobro voljo? Poleg tega mi v komentarju napiši še svoj kontakt (e-mail ali FB ime). Držim pesti! :)

Kako se pripraviti na fotografiranje na zabavi?

Danes bi s teboj rada delila nekaj nasvetov. Torej – pred teboj je pomemben dogodek, mogoče maturantski ples, mogoče Fashion Week Aquafresh. Veš, da bo tam ogromno priložnosti za slikanje, ti pa si že zdaj živčna, ker ne veš, kako boš na slikah izgledala. Nič se ne boj, pripravila sem tri nasvete, ki ti bodo pomagali, da boš na slikah prav tako čudovita, kot v resnici.

1. Ne uporabi pudra z zaščitnim faktorjem!
Puder z zaščitnim faktorjem je seveda super, ko se odpravljaš na sonček, vendar pa ga na večerni podelitvi prav nič ne potrebuješ. Ustvari namreč tako imenovani 'white cast', zaradi katerega je lahko tvoj obraz na slikah čisto bel! Ker nočemo, da na njih izgledaš kot duh, preskoči ZF in ga prihrani za poletne dneve. Dodaten nasvet: uporabi matirni puder, če imaš mastno kožo, saj bo le-ta preprečil lesk na fotografijah.

2. Uporabi zobno pasto Aquafresh High Definition White!
Da se boš lahko sproščeno smejala, si pred dogodkom umij zobe z zobno pasto Aquafresh High Definition White za izjemne rezultate.

3. Uporabi šminko z modrim podtonom!
Okej, zdaj si verjetno misliš, da se mi meša – ne mislim resno, da nanesi modro šminko! Obstajajo pa določeni odtenki rdeče in rožnate barve, ki imajo nekoliko hladen podton. Ta spodbija rumeno barvo, zato bodo tvoji zobje na slikah videti bolj beli. Moji najljubši odtenki so Revlon Cherries in the Snow in Maybelline Fuchsia Flash.

S tole kratko objavo upam, da boš na vseh fotkah zablestela kot zvezda. Seveda pa tudi tokrat ne gre brez nagradne igre – zopet podarjam paketek zobne ščetke in paste Aquafresh High Definition White. Vse, kar moraš narediti je, da mi v komentarjih zaupaš svoj najboljši nasvet za izgled pred fotografiranjem. Hitri prsti so pomembni - paketek dobi prvi komentator, ki odgovori na zgornje vprašanje in mi zaupa še svoje kontaktne podatke (e-mail ali FB ime). Vso srečo! :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

The chocolate treatment

I remember having a classmate in primary school who didn't like chocolate. She also didn't like pizza or french fries, but that's a topic for another day. Needless to say, we were not the best of friends, so she would probably cringe at the thought of today's post. Well, I had a proper pamper yesterday, including a chocolate face mask and moisturizer, and I thought I would share it today! Mind you, I also had a rather charming photo of myself with the mask on, but I thought it rather inapproriate, so it is now safely nested in my Bin.

My skin has been feeling a bit sad lately, still recovering from the breakout I got and also a bit lackluster. So I reached for one of my favorite brand of quick fixes - Montagne Jeunesse. I really want you to have the full experience, because this is not a video and you cannot hear me failing at pronouncing this name, so I shall spell it out for you and you can have a good ol' laugh. Montaaaah-nye Jew-ness. I consider myself quite the Frenchie (the nationality, not the dog, though they are insanely cute).

Okay, off topic aside, I started of with the Montagne Jeunesse Masque Chocolat. This comes in a package you tear open, and there's enough inside for two uses. After (unsuccessfully) trying to convince a member of my family to join me in this chocolate-y experience (Dad almost agreed, albeit begrudgingly), I finally accepted I would be the only one getting mah chocolate awn. I applied the mask to my whole face, steering clear of my undereye area as it is a bit tightening and that area is very sensitive. The mask hardened pretty fast and immediately, I noticed my pores tightening. When I took it off with warm water 20 minutes earlier, my pores actually looked smaller, a success I hadn't even achieved with REN's Pore Detox, while this 1€ mask did an amazing job. Definitely a thumbs up!

I wanted to continue with my regular moisturizer, but remembered I had this amazing one from MU London, which was made with chocolate. So I applied the Organic White Chocolate Truffle Mosturizer, which reminds me of coconut oil in consistency. It is very hard but melts immediately when you scoop it out. Incredibly rich and nourishing, it feels amazing on my skin, and to top it all off, smells di-vine.

Today I woke up with incredibly soft, glowy skin, which is something I normally only achieve with Mama Nature's Queen B. I am so glad I tried these two products in unison as I have an event today and my skin looks great! Plus, it still smells ever-so-faintly of chocolate, which is something I'm always up for.

Montagne Jeunesse Masks can be found in your local drugstore or on Feel Unique, where you can get a proper Chocoholic Pamper Package for 6€. MU London can be found on Ecco Verde and the moisturizer is priced at 20€.

Friday, April 4, 2014

My first beauty swap!

Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you about the first beauty box swap I did today. I noticed Kat Clark, who blogs at Tales of a pale face was organizing a swap, and I had to sign up, because I've wanted to swap with someone for absolute ages. I got paired up with the ever so lovely Becki from Life Looks Perfect. First up, I fell head over heels in love with her blog, which is just lovely, so I would definitely recommend to give it a follow. After a few emails, Becki and I agreed on a budget and I was so excited to shop for her! I will let Becki show you what I got for her, and I wanted to share what I received as the package just came in the mail today.

I got some amazing, amazing things and I am so thankful! Becki sent over a Timothy Dunn candle in the scent Blue Rose - Plum Violet, which is just incredible and so luxurious, I cannot wait to start burning it. I also got a really lovely Percy & Reed Wonder Balm for hair, which I cannot wait to try as my hair is looking very bad recently. I was also thrilled to find something from Una Brennan in the box, a brand I have wanted to try for ages, and I am sure I'll love this facial oil.

Moving on to the next photo, Becki sent me a ton of samples! I was thrilled to find an Eve Lom cleanser sample, which I have wanted to try for so long, as well as Healgel, which seems to be the talk of the town. I also got Effaclar Duo from La Roche Posay (in case you were wondering, while I hate the Duo+, I absolutely love the first edition) and a Bioderma sample, which I will definitely give a try to see if I like it more the micellar solution. A L'Occitane sample was also included, and I haven't really tried the brand apart from their perfumes, so I will definitely give it a go.

And the last few things ... I got a Molton Brown shower & bath gel, which smells wonderful, and a Becca highlighter! I am so excited about it as Becca is so popular lately and I really want to see what all the fuss is about. Becki also got me a Natural Collection blusher, which are very popular in the UK, and finally, la piece de resistance ... A Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer! Cue girlish screams, arm flapping and whoop-whooping. I am so happy I finally got my paws on this, I bet it's amazing.

So I really wanted to give a huge shout out to the lovely Becki, who did an amazing job with my package. I had to show you what I got straight away & am now off to pamper myself with all of these lovely products, ooh la la!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

5 razlogov za nasmeh + Nagradna igra!

Pridejo tudi dnevi, ko se ti zdi, da ni prav nobenega razloga na svetu, da bi se smejala. Danes bi s teboj rada delila 5 razlogov, ki te bodo prepričali, da je nasmeh nekaj dobrega in te (upam) tudi pripravili do tega, da se sama nasmehneš.

1. Z nasmehom lahko nekomu polepšaš dan.
Postavljam te pred nalogo: naslednjič, ko boš šla na avtobus, hodila po mestu ali sprehajala svojega psa, se nasmehni neznancu. Nikoli ne veš, kaj se dogaja v njegovem življenju in kako težko mu je. Prav mogoče in verjetno pa je, da mu bo celo tako majhna gesta polepšala – mogoče celo spremenila – dan. P.S. Če gre za tvojo simpatijo, idejo še močneje podpiram!

2. Nasmeh je boljši od kremženja.
Okej, saj vem, da si verjetno že slišala za smejalne gubice in se zdaj verjetno kar križaš ob misli nanje, ampak verjemi, da je kremženje in naguban obraz veliko hujši kot preprost nasmeh. Ob nagubanem in namrščenem obrazu tvoje telo uporablja več mišic in jih napenja, kar pa povzroča nastajanje gubic. Torej izbriši namrščen obraz in 1, 2, 3, nasmehni se!

3. Pokaži svoje lepe bele zobe.
Če uporabljaš novo zobno pasto Aquafresh High Definition White, gotovo veš, da ima belilne učinke. Ker si z njo pridno umivaš zobe, je res brezveze, da jih skrivaš, kajne?

4. Ker nasmeh pristaja k vsaki kombinaciji oblačil.
Vseeno je, ali si v kavbojkah in jopici, lepi obleki ali pižami – nasmeh bo polepšal katerikoli 'outfit' in ga lepo zaključil. Naj tvoj moto postane – 'Nikoli nisi do konca oblečen brez nasmeha.'

5. Nasmeh povzroča nastajanje 'veselih' hormonov in zmanjšuje nivo stresa.
Si čisto živčna pred izpitom? Imaš slab dan in resnično potrebuješ nekaj lepega? Zavrti si smešen videoposnetek in se od srca nasmej. Dokazano je, da smeh prav zares pomaga pri našem razpoloženju.

Tako, zdaj pa nimaš prav nobenega izgovora več. Upam, da si se ob branju vsaj 1x nasmehnila, če ne, se me pazi!

Seveda pa tudi tokrat ne bo šlo brez nagradne igre – zopet podeljujem zobno ščetko in pasto Aqaufresh High Definition White. Današnje vprašanje pa je – kaj se tebi zdi dober razlog za nasmeh? Deli odgovor z menoj v komentarjih (skupaj s svojim e-mail naslovom) in morda boš prav ti zadela paketek. Pohiti, nagradna igra traja samo do polnoči!
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