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Friday, February 28, 2014

Penhaligon's Scent Library

I've loved the look of Penhaligon's fragrances for ages, so I jumped at the chance to review their Scent Library. This has five mens and five ladies fragrances, and I picked my two favourites from each range and described them below.

Let's start with the men! Blenheim Bouquet is a men's fragrance with a very strong citrus note. It would be perfect for summer as it's very refreshing, while still packing a punch with the gorgeous scent of black pepper. It also contains lavender, which I was surprised to find fit great with this masculine perfume - it added this clean, but sharp note. Love the overall lemon-y scent of this one with the calming pine in the background.

I don't know why, but a lot of these perfumes strike me as unisex, which is not saying they aren't masculine! They are, but on a woman they react completely differently and blend in with the skin to produce a softer scent. So the most unisex perfume out of all these is Quercus, a beautiful blend of citruses. The perfect scent to refresh you during the summer months is also a teensy bit sweet and has a few white floral mixed in there as well. It's really similar to CK One perfume, a famous unisex fragrance that I absolutely adore.

And now for the ladies ... Ellenisia is the most wonderful white floral I've probably ever smelled. It's a beautiful blend of tuberose and gardenia, two of my favourite notes, combined with beautiful jasmine and rose. It's also really sweet, which I find to be a wonderful combination with the heaviness of the white florals. The fruit notes come from a ripe plum and tangy mandarin orange, which add a twist to this classic fragrance and make it appropriate for summer as well as colder months. Imagine Kim K's first perfume, wrapped in a beautiful and luxurious packaging and with even lovelier, more defined notes.

Malabah, on the other hand, is a very fresh perfume and definitely not as heavy. It's very citrusy and the smell really reminds me of my favourite tea that Tilen's mom makes for us. There are also quite a few spices in this one, like ginger and cardamom - now I normally don't like spicy perfumes, this one being an exception as it's absolutely lovely. It also really reminds me of hot summer days, lying by the pool and drinking a glass of ice cold lemonade with sugar frosting on the glass.

There are many other scents in here which are absolutely lovely, but these four definitely stand out for me. Check out Penhaligons website where you can get their Scent Library for 16 pounds.


Featured in: Cosmopolitan Slovenija March 2014

Just wanted to put out a very quick post with a pretty bad photo to let you know about my work at Cosmopolitan Slovenija. I'm featured again in the March issue! :)

Če me spremljaš že nekaj časa verjetno veš, da sodelujem pri ustvarjanju slovenskega Cosmopolitana. V najnovejši marčevski številki s teboj delim tri DIY projekte z okrasnimi kamenčki. Pokukaj v novo izdajo in si oglej, kaj sem ustvarila.

P.S. DIY-e pripravljam tudi za naslednjo številko in bom zelo vesela tvojih predlogov!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Valentine Project Wrap-up & Giveaway Winner!

So, in February, I had a little giveaway/contest for the best Valentine-related project. I had a very hard time choosing from the entries. I'm going to list a few of my favourites now.

I absolutely loved Sandra's makeup look - she wrote a blog post and filmed a lovely video, definitely check out both her blog and her Youtube channel, she is an incredibly talented makeup artist.

Narcis wrote an absolutely amazing post on long distance relationships. As a person who just about cries when her boyfriend goes to the toilet, I really appreciated the interview and decided I needed to be smacked silly when I'm such a cry baby and there are people out there who spend months apart!

I also really loved Ana Ina's look - the girl is gorgeous anyway, but this was so pretty! Also love the braid.

Ana wrote a last minute ideas post for the occasion with two super cute ideas which I'll probably steal in the near future.

Petra is an amazing Slovenian blogger you should all check out - her blog has beautiful photos and I always love her makeup looks. Her entry was no different - I love her makeup and nails!

I adored Ina's nails for V-day - how cute are the hearts? Love her blog as well.

But there could only be one winner ...

Ana from Beautysaur totally won me over!

This girl wrote so many posts and every one was amazing! I absolutely have to give credit where credit is due and she put the most effort into her works and I think the Valentine ideas post is absolutely perfect. :) Too cute! Ana, congratulations! I will contact you about your super-top-secret prize.

To everyone else - you did an amazing job, I had such a fun time reading all of your entries, amazing! I hope to do more projects like this one!

Urban Retreat Beautique

I was contacted by Urban Retreat Beautique and asked to put together a wishlist of their products. Now this is good, because I had never heard of their site beforehand and am absolutely in love with it (they ship worldwide!) and also very very bad, because I am broke as it is and now have another never-ending wishlist of things I oh-so-desperately need. Well, let's see what I'd love to get from their website!

Starting of with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, this is a hair treatment I'd first heard about from Amelia Liana on Youtube. Supposedly an amazing product and you know I'm always looking for something to fix my damaged hair.

Next up, we have the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers, which will be arriving in the store lately, and I smell a cheeky purchase of this beautiful shade. These blushers have exploded in the blogging community and I'm absolutely in love with the look of them - as a blusher addict I can hardly contain myself! Find more Hourglass products here: http://www.urbanretreat.co.uk/beautique/brand/Hourglass.aspx

The next product is the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray, which I admittedly haven't heard a lot about, but would absolutely love to try - anything to give my limp hair volume is very welcome, and I hear Bumble & Bumble are quite the beloved brand.

The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist is another product I heard about from the ever-so-beautiful Amelia Liana. It seems like a product similar to the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and the Melvita Floral Waters, which you all know I love, and I love the history behind this product.

I used to love watching the Fowler sisters on Youtube and I know they both recommended the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. This product wa really hyped up in its time, and I'm still interested now that the hype has died down a bit. I would absolutely love to try this product, which is a favourite of many.

Heal Gel Intensive is another product that's pretty big in the blogging scene (I do have a penchant for buying majorly popular things, don't I). Supposedly a miracle product to take care of the skin on your face, this seems like a lovely moisturizer.

And finally, another blogger enabled wish - the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, which I for some reason still have not tried. Everyone sings praise about this lovely product and I think I really need to get my hands on it sooner or later.

It was incredibly hard picking just a few items, as Urban Retreat Beautique stocks so many amazing brands and products! Now comes the time for me to say goodbye and try to resist placing an order straight away ... Good luck, Živa!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lavera Natural Concealer

I've already reviewed the Lavera Natural foundation here, today it's the concealer's turn. The Lavera Natural Concealer contains 6,5 ml of product and has a doe foot applicator. As you may know, this is a cruelty free product, which is great if you're into green beauty. And even if you're not, it's quite a nice concealer. It's creamy, but not the the point where it's hard to work with. I like using it both on blemishes and my undereye area, though I do have to say I've had some problems with smudging when I apply this under my eyes. It's best to set it with a translucent powder if you apply mascara to your bottom lashes - otherwise you might end up with panda eyes! It does, however, do a great job of covering the puffiness and slight purpleness of my undereye circles, which I really appreciate as it makes me look a lot more awake (the concealer, and coffee). I also really appreciate the price range, as this is under 10€ and is a really nice product unlike some overpriced ones - I am totally talking about you, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (P.S. I still want you despite your ridiculously overpriced price tag). 

So if you're looking for a great natural concealer which is pretty inexpensive, definitely check out the Lavera Natural Concealer on Ecco Verde's site for around 8€.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ličila za začetnice iz slovenskih drogerij

Today's topic is about makeup starter kits with items you can buy in Slovenian drugstores. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below!

Živjo! Danes sem želela napisati posebno objavo, ki je namenjena predvsem tistim bralkam, ki so se odločile začeti ličiti, pa ne vedo, po katerih izdelkih poseči. Zbrala sem izdelke iz svoje omare z ličili, ki so zelo ugodni in se mi zdijo primerni za začetnice, izdelke, s katerimi boš dosegla naraven videz in se naučila uporabljati ličila, poleg tega pa ne boš porabila ogromno denarja. Bila sem pozorna tudi na to, da sem izbrala izdelke, ki jih lahko kupiš bodisi v naših drogerijah ali pa na spletnih straneh v Sloveniji, kjer je možno plačilo po povzetju - to pomeni, da ne boš potrebovala prav nobene kreditne kartice (vem, da je imel mene oči že 'poln kufer', ko sem ga vsak drugi dan spraševala, če lahko nekaj plačam z njegovim Paypalom).

Najprej bi rada priporočila samo nekaj znamk, na katere je dobro biti pozorna. Moja najljubša znamka iz drogerije je prav gotovo Catrice. Izdelki so neverjetno ugodni in res odlične kvalitete. Priporočam njihove pudre, izdelke za ustnice, baje pa so tudi senčila odlična. Druga znamka, ki mi je všeč, je Essence. Toplo priporočam, da napneš oči za njihovo novo omejeno kolekcijo, v kateri bo ogromno čopičev. Sicer jih sama še nisem preizkusila, ampak mislim, da bodo odlični, poleg tega pa zelo ugodni. Izpostavila bi tudi Maybelline (odlične šminke), Revlon (vse mi je všeč) in Bourjois (krasni pudri). Vendar pa sem se danes osredotočila na bolj ugodne znamke, zaradi katerih ne boš imela luknje v žepu!

Sama sem se začela ličiti ob koncu osnovne šole - prosim, ne sili me, da se spominjam grozot, ki so 'krasile' moj obraz. Zdelo se mi je namreč, da je črna barvica bog, zato sem jo nosila na sto in en način. Ja, enkrat celo kot svinčnik za ustnice - brez šminke seveda. Očarljivo, kajne? Kasneje sem posegla tudi po pudrih, saj mi jo je zagodla najstniška koža z raznimi težavami, ki jih marsikatera od nas še predobro pozna. No, pa poglejmo, kateri izdelki se mi zdijo primerni zate!

Ne glede na to, ali si stara 12 ali 36, je naravni makeup povsem primeren. Seveda te ne želim prepričati, da moraš na obraz nanesti celo tono ličil - če imaš lepo kožo, pudra prav gotovo ne potrebuješ! Lahko pa poudariš dele obraza, ki so ti še posebej všeč. Zapomni si le nekaj - ko začenjaš, je manj gotovo več!

Začniva s podlago. Če si mlajša, ti zelo priporočam kakšno BB kremo - moja najljubša je Garnier BB krema za mešano in mastno kožo (imajo pa tudi verzijo za suho kožo), gotovo boš našla kakšno zase. Če pa želiš nekaj bolj prekrivnega, ti priporočam Catrice All Matt Plus podlago, ki sem jo tudi ocenila tukaj. Gre za zelo prekriven puder, ki poleg tega kožo tudi matira, tako da je zelo primeren za dekleta z mastnim tipom kože na obrazu. Če nimaš težavic, ki bi jih rada prekrila, pa lahko uporabiš samo puder v kamnu, da se tvoja koža ne bo svetila - všeč mi je Catrice Skin Finish, katerega sem kupila v Translucent odtenku, kar pomeni, da je brezbarven. Cene Garnier BB kreme in Catrice pudra so okrog 7€, Catrice puder v prahu pa okrog 4€.

Sama obožujem rdečila za lička, zato jih kar nisem mogla spustiti. :) Toplo ti priporočam znamki Sleek in Barry M, obe najdeš na spletni strani licila.si. Gre za izredno ugodna rdečila, ki imajo tudi super embalažo - Barry M blusherji imajo priložen čopič, ki je super za na pot, Sleek rdečila pa imajo v notranjosti ogledalce. Izbrala sem dva odtenka - Sleek Pixie Pink, ki je kričeče rožnate barve (malo te moram prestrašiti, dejansko pa je na obrazu zelo lep in prav nič kričeč) in Barry M svetlo rožnato rdečilo, ki da licem čudovit svež videz. Zelo mi je všeč tudi Catrice Blush Tint, ki je super predvsem zato, ker ga lahko uporabljaš za lica in ustnice. Da res izredno naraven videz, kot, da si ravnokar prišla iz sprehoda. Barry M in Sleek rdečila stanejo 7€, Catrice Blush Tint pa okrog 5€.

Premakniva se k očem. Vključila sem Maybelline Color Tattoo senčko, ki se mi zdi res popolna, če še ne obvladaš senčenja oči. Naj ti zaupam skrivnost: tudi jaz sem pri ličenju oči precejšnja začetnica, in ta izdelek je res najbolj preprost za uporabo. Gre namreč za kremno senčilo, ki ga lahko povsem preprosto naneseš kar s prsti in dosežeš lep videz. In pazi to - stane celih 5€, dobiš pa ga ogromno! Omenila pa bi rada tudi tole čudovito MUA Heaven & Earth paletko, nad katero sem preprosto navdušena. Paletka je neverjetno poceni na spletni strani licila.si, ima pa čudovite odtenke, ki so bolj pigmentirani kot moja Naked Basics paleta znamke Urban Decay (čisto zares). In medtem, ko UD palete stanejo od 25-50€, boš MUA paleto dobila za pičlih 7€! Slišim, da so super tudi Sleek palete, ki jih prav tako dobiš na spletni strani licila.si in so tudi zelo pigmentirane in ugodne. Super je, če za podlago uporabiš Maybelline kremno senčilo, v pregibu veke zasenčiš z nekoliko temnejšim odtenkom, nato pa pod obrvjo posvetliš z odtenkom v barvi šampanjca. Et voila - povsem preprost 'neutral smokey eye'. Za maskaro resnično ne morem priporočiti drugega kot Essence. Preizkusila sem malo morje maskar, od znamk, kot je Shiseido, Dior, Chanel, Maybelline, Loreal in vendar se vedno znova vračam k Essence maskaram. Za ceno 3-4€ so resnično najboljše in gladko premagajo večino dražjih. Zelo mi je všeč tale na sliki, I love extreme. Mimogrede, maskare s plastično krtačko dajejo dolžino in lepo ločijo trepalnice, medtem ko tiste bolj goste s ščetinami dajejo volumen. Sama najbolje veš, kaj potrebuješ.

Pri ustnicah bi res lahko omenila malo morje izdelkov, a se bom omejila na dva, ki sta mi zares všeč. Enega sem že omenila, to je Catrice Blush Tint. Rada pa bi rekla tudi nekaj besed o Maybelline Baby Lips. Gre pravzaprav za obarvane vazeline, ki se mi zdijo super, če moraš na primer v šolo in te skrbi, da te bodo učitelji postrani gledali, če boš našminkana. Poleg tega vazelina ustnice vlaži in nahrani. Če želiš vedeti več o šminkah, ki jih priporočam, pusti komentar pod to objavo - z veseljem napišem še eno objavo posebej za ustnice. Mimogrede, mislim, da Baby Lips stanejo okrog 2,5€.

Uf, sem se razpisala. Upam, da ti je moja objava pomagala - jaz si zelo želim, da bi mi nekdo pomagal pri izbiri ličil, ko sem začenjala, in tako preprečil marsikatero katastrofo (reciva samo, da obstaja slika iz avtomata za fotografije, na kateri nimam na sebi čisto nič ličil, razen najbolj divjega odtenka rdeče šminke, kar si jih kdaj videla. Bog mi pomagaj). To je zaenkrat vse, kar imam povedati, če pa te zanima karkoli drugega, z veseljem odgovorim na katerokoli vprašanje!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Lip Biter's Guide to the Galaxy

I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm kind of proud about the title of this post. Isn't it just so clever? I feel like going around poking people so they can tell me how cool I am. Heheh.

That aside, I've decided to write a guide to lip balms for fellow lip biters. I've thought about writing some advice if you want to stop biting your lips, but as someone who has been doing so for her whole life, I'm finding it hard to stop myself, so I'm not really sure what to say. However, I've found a plethora of lovely products for my lips which I'd like to share with you.

Best for healing: Blistex Medplus

*Sean Connery accent* The damage is done. So, your lips are completely chapped and dry, and now you've gone to town biting them as well. Fear no more, as there is such a thing as Blistex Medplus. This will forever be my go-to product when I need my lips to heal. It's very minty and works so fast, I've often woken up with my lips almost healed when I completely ruined them the previous day. It really is a miracle worker, though it may sting a tiny bit when you first apply it. It also comes in a jar and is really inexpensive.

Best for maintenance: Nuxe Reve de Miel

Okay, I know it's really expensive, but if you don't bite your lips and just want to keep them in good condition, this will do wonders for you. It will keep them supple, moisturized and nourished. It also smells absolutely lovely of honey and lemon. At 10€, it's ridiculously expensive for a lip balm, however it really is worth it and does a great job in the colder weather. Thumbs up.

Best for scent: Labello Lip Butter & Balea Sweet Wonderland

These are products you might like if you don't have any problems with your lips. They're quite nice if your lips are healed and you don't have any chapping (is that a word?) going on. Being honest, they really don't do anything as far as healing is concerned, but they do smell lovely - the Labello lip butters have a few scents, mine is Raspberry Rosé and Sweet Wonderland smells like chocolate pudding. However, don't expect miracles from them, because they won't do much for chapped lips. Prices for Labello are moderate, around 3€, and the Balea lip balm is inexpensive.

Best for protection against cold weather: Pai Bergamot lip balm

This lip balm creates a protective layer over your lips which might feel annoying because it's a bit waxy, but I've really found it to be the best when I'm going out in the winter wind and coldness. It does not allow any of the weather conditions to harm your lips, making it perfect for strolls in the cold weather. Get it on Ecco Verde for 10€ (it's worth it).

Best of green, organic, natural beauty: Akamuti Ruby Lips Lip Butter

Found on Ecco Verde for 8€, this is, for me, the best of natural lip balms out there. Scented with citruses like mandarins and oranges, it has a lovely fragrance to it and is absolutely wonder all-around. If you're a green beauty lover or just want to try something more natural, this is a lovely product that takes care of dry, chapped lips, maintains their moisture and protects from weather as well. Definitely a firm favourite, the only thing I don't like is the fact that it comes in a deep jar, which makes it necessary to use fingers when applying it, but otherwise it's amazing.

Best for boys (Tilen's pick): Yves Rocher Bio Nourishing Lip Balm

Tilen recently went through an entire tube of this and he mentioned he quite liked it, so I thought I'd throw it in. I haven't tried it properly myself, but he says it's quite nice (and it's not pink, so he actually uses it, har-di-har-ha). It's apparently an all-around good lip balm which is moderately priced at 5€.

I hope this guide to lip balms helped you a bit - I'm always looking for a miracle product. And I don't mean the likes of Dior Rose Lip Balm, which I'm sure is wonderful, but probably cannot fix my poor lips. If you have any other recommendations, they are very welcome!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Davines OI/All in One Milk

Hello hello! I've only been MIA for a week or so yet it feels like I've completely fallen off the wagon. I try to post every day, then stuff comes up and I don't manage it for ages, so I do hope you forgive me my sporadic posting, which is probably a bit annoying.

Today I'm here to talk about a brand that is completely new to me, Davines. This is a natural haircare brand that I have fallen head over heels in love with. First, I need to tell you a bit about my hair. If you've ever seen me in person, you'll know that my hair is basically fried. Because of the ombre which I did myself it's incredbily dry and brittle, and the healthy hair at the top is a mix of greasy and dry, which is annoying to no end. I have really difficult hair and despite almost never using heat (except blow drying), it's in very bad condition.

I received this Davines hair milk and I thought to myself, this needs to make miracles happen. Because otherwise, I might have to go for the chop, my hair is just so terrible! So let me tell you about the product. It's basically a leave-in treatment that protects your hair from heat - perfect to apply when you're just out of the shower and about to blow dry your locks. When I usually dry my hair, it's completely static-y, frizzy and all over the place. So I used this, hoping for a change, because I've heard some enthusiastic opinions. Lo and behold, I blow dried my hair, and it was incredibly soft and silky. If you have damaged hair you just know that soft and silky are not words you'd use to describe it, but seriously, this makes my hair so nourished and beautiful! It gives it some volume as well, which is always welcome and my hair looks tamed, which is great, because usually I have flyaway all over.

This is just so so good. I cannot believe a natural product can give me these results, it's amazing. I'm hoping to try more Davines products, because I was blown away by this one.

Moje slovenske bralke - Davines izdelki so dostopni predvsem v frizerskih salonih, določene linije pa tudi v nekaterih lekarnah. Za nakup izdelkov se lahko oglasite v salonu Babylon, mesto frizur na Miheličevi c. 14, v Ljubljani. Salon mi je bil toplo priporočen tudi za friziranje, če si želite nove pričeske! :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Houston, we have a problem.

Who in their right mind has 9 shower gels, I ask you? Seriously people, this is not normal. I've apparently started to collect them without noticing. Mostly I'm blaming my mom who bought 4 Balea shower gels recently and I was going to tell her we already have tons, but then I smelled them. And oh, lordy lord, these smell good! Let me confess something to you - we keep out shower gels in a closet next to the front door, and it has happened many a time that I just wandered over there and started sniffing one of these. Is that bad? Don't judge.

In the first batch, we have 3 Yves Rocher lovelies - two are raspberry and cocoa scented, and the other is vanilla. I personally love both of the scents, but I haven't tried either of these yet, though I cannot wait to do so. One of them even has glitter in it, so I'll be nice & sparkly. Then we have Dr Scheller Pomegranate shower gel, which I already reviewed. And finally, there's L'Occitane's Pivoine Flora, which I got from a lovely girl called Petra. I love peonies so this is also right up my alley.

Behold Balea, the queen of shower gels. *angels singing, birds chirping, sun shining, nuns singing Allelujah etc.* Okay, let's start with the first one, which is Cinnamon & Apple. Sweet Jeebus! I wish I had this around Christmas time because it reminds me of December. This will be the next shower gel I use probably, because it's very seasonal. Next up is my absolute favourite, Coconut & Nectarine. Oh my dear lord! (Are you enjoying all these religious exclamations?) This smells so, so incredibly good. I love coconut, I love peaches, I love them together. Divine, fresh and lovely scent which I cannot wait to use, but will wait until it's a bit warmer. Next is another peach scent, Sunny Peach. I have the lotion from this line and they smell the same - lovely happy fragrance. And finally, we have Milk & Honey, which is an old family favourite - very gentle, inoffensive, yet nicely scented.

Okay, there you have it. I'm gonna go slap myself out of this obsession now (no but seriously, I'm probably gonna go sniff all of these and roll my eyes with pleasure. We're all mad here. No, wait, it's just me).

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation

This lovely foundation was something I picked up from Ecco Verde. It's my first all-natural foundation (with the exception of Lily Lolo, but that one is a mineral foundation) and I have to say I was pretty sceptical about the way it would work. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the great formula, amazing coverage and the shade. I already love Lavera, if you remember, I sang high praise about their cleansing gels which are quite lovely. The foundation did not disappoint either.

Even though it may not look like it in photos, Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation in shade 01 Porcelain is absolutely perfect for me. I don't break out much, but my skin is combination with very enlarged pores, red marks and uneven skintone. This foundation is thick and light at the same time, does that make sense? It's very dense and you don't need a lot at all. It blends in beautifully either with my fingers or my RT Buffing Brush. It does not feel like a mask on the skin. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that it kind of emphasized my large pores, but then again, all foundations do this to me. Somehow this makes me look really natural while concealing all of the issues I have with my skin. 

I got this foundation from Ecco Verde (thank you!) and it costs around 10€. Check it out here.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Candle of the month: Ecosse Hogmanay Shortbread

I haven't done a candle of the month post since the summer, which is just criminal! I've just been burning some boring Ikea candles and didn't really think you'd be interested, but recently I received some absolutely gorgeous candles from Scotland and I just had to share them with you.

Ecosse Candles are made in Scotland and they are made of soy wax. This is great if you're vegan, but also awesome since it's better for the environment, they burn clearer and they're a lot safer as well. Ecosse have the cutest collection called The Tartan Traveller. The candles in this collection come in tins with traditional Scottish scents. Today I wanted to talk about Hogmanay Shortbread. By the way, Hogmanay means Scottish New Year and it's named that because once, shortbread was a luxury reserved for special occasions. At first, I didn't really like this scent as it's very strong. But when you burn it, it's so buttery and delicious I couldn't help but love it! It's something different alright, but I love it. These candles aren't that big, apparently they burn 20-25 hors, which is great for me, since I get tired of scents pretty soon.

You can get this beautiful candle here, and don't forget to check out the rest of the site. It costs 5 pounds (shipping to Slovenia is a bit steep, so I would recommend combining orders and splitting the cost!)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tilen Time Thursday: Weleda Skin Food

Yaaay, Tilen time! I asked Tilen to help me review this Weleda Skin Food cream since he's been using it more than I have. I have to say this is a miracle product for me, it has a nice herbal scent (very strong though) and is super thick - perfect for dry skin anywhere on your body. Now let's see what Tilen has to say.

So, I know it has been yet again a long time since I've had a post and I sincerely apologize for that but here it is! Today I'll be posting about the skincreme Skin Food from Weleda. I have to say this cream is really amazing and I'm not just saying that. I've been using it since I first tried it out and I'm nearly running out of it. My skin is usually really dry, especially on the ellbows and I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I have some trouble on my soles. I have really hard skin and have to regulary use cream to counter the callus. But luckily I've come across this cream which improved the state of my skin. Oh and I've almost forgot to mention that it smells really nice, you know, herby. The only downside I have to mention about it is that it takes a bit longer to dry into the skin. Other than that, I give it a full thumbs up. This was my first review of a skin product so I'm not quite familiar with the lingo so I'm sorry if I've said some weird or unusual words that don't fit in. So, till next time!

You can get this on Ecco Verde for around 8,50€ here.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Collective beauty haul

I received some lovely new things for review from Licila.si, bodizenska.si and my beloved ecco-verde.si. I'm planning on reviewing all of these products and Tilen was thrilled to receive something as well! If you're interested in a lil' bit of Weleda, Pai, Lavera, Akamuti, Mua & more ... Stay tuned. :)

Also wanted to take this chance to ask you something, since today's post is really short - do you have any requests? Product reviews, outfits, guides - anything is welcome really. Let me know!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A damn good read

Since I haven't posted about books for a while ... well, for a few days, I thought I'd share two of my recent reads with you. I'm pretty sure all of us have heard about Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, which exploded in popularity and is also being made into a Hollywood movie starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. I'm looking forward to the movie, but I enjoyed the book so much I'm really interested to see if it can measure up.

Gone Girl is the first book I read by Gillian Flynn, but is actually her latest work. Basically, it's about a man whose wife disappears and he struggles to find her. His chapters intertwine with those of his wife and slowly, we come to know the whole story. Gone Girl is amazing - surprising at every page, bursting with suspense, mystery and strange, strange things. It left me hungry for more and that's when I decided to pick up Sharp Objects, which was recommended by my aunt and also Chapter Stackss, Katie, on Youtube (check out her channel here.)

Sharp Objects is Flynn's first novel and for me, it's the one that really shines (though I have yet to read Dark Places). It's just asdfghkjl amazing. If you like seriously effed up characters, painful reality and twisted relationships, look no further. It's about a woman who returns to her hometown to research the disappearings of two little girls. I was so into this book I read it in mere hours, just absolutely amazing - storytelling at its best.

I would just like to warn you that these books are most definitely not PG13 and I would recommend them to readers who don't mind (or even better, like) strange writing, twisted characters and just weird things.

I deliberately kept my reviews brief, but please let me know if you end up reading these. I would love to know your thoughts! :)


Monday, February 3, 2014

Most used brushes (Real Techniques)

I am not a brush fanatic. Definitely not. Brushes are just not something that excite me, despite being a complete beauty addict. I would much rather buy a nice lipstick and make do with the brushes I have. That being said, I've recently discovered the wonders of a good brush and am here today to talk about my favourites.

I used Sigma brushes for a long time, but the fact that they had to be shipped from the US bothered me too much to order them again. I would definitely recommend them, but right now my heart belongs to Real Techniques brushes (and walnut ice cream, sweet jeebus that stuff is what dreams are made of). 

For my birthday back in August, my lovely boyfriend got me the Core Collection (buy it here) and Eye Starter Kit (purchase it on FeelUnique), both from Real Techniques. I have to say I didn't love the whole kits. I would much rather buy individual brushes since some of the brushes in the kit just serve no purpose in my makeup routine. That being said, I'll now tell you about the brushes I do love.

Starting off with the Buffing Brush, this is an absolute godsend. I want to buy 2974628 of these! Currently I use it for my liquid foundation and it does wonders blending and buffing it into my skin. It's also great for applying powders, blushers, even contouring with a bronzer. An all-around lovely brush which I just adore!

Next up is the Contour Brush, which I actually use for blusher (as you can see on the photo, dear LORD, I do love me some blusher, don't I). It's perfectly tapered and fits great onto the apples of my cheeks. Really soft as well. Beautiful brush! Haven't tried it for contouring yet, but I bet it works great for that as well.

Moving on to the Starter Kit for eyes, I was a bit disappointed with it. I have teeny tiny eyes (which I hide well, don't I? It's the mahoosive amounts of eyeliner, trust me) and these brushes are absolutely huge! They are way too big for my eyes. Even the one for eyebrows is enmormous and listen, I am a pretty big person at 5'11'', but this brush covers half my forehead. Which is great if, y'know, your eyebrows go all the way up to your hairline, but not so great if they're thinner.

Still, I've found myself using a few brushes from this kit, namely the Deluxe Crease Brush. This one is really really soft and quite flimsy, which makes it just perfect for blending. It's quite nice really. I like to apply a teensy bit of color on it and blend, blend, blend.

Next up is the Base Shadow Brush. Guys. If I were to apply a base with this, I would have eyeshadow all over my brows (the curse of tiny eyes continues). So I use it for highlighting, and it works great!

Next up is the Accent Brush, which makes a great compadre to the Brow Brush. I use the latter first to apply the lighter shade to my eyebrows, and then use the first one to add tiny amounts of a dark shade and blend it all together.

All in all, these brushes are amazing quality, though I have yet to find uses for some of them. Not the best if you have small and not-very-defined eyes, though, but ... Make it work! *snaps fingers in a wild and unruly fashion*

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sample Sunday #1

Lately I've noticed I've managed to accumulate so many samples, and it just seems like a shame not to use them. So I decided to do a weekly post on Sundays (not every week, but when I have something to share) where I will be talking about the samples I used. I'll start using them on Monday of that week and by Sunday, I'll have my initial thoughts as well as how the product worked in a weeks' time. Let's get started with the products I'm using this week.

I got a gorgeous set of Melvita minis as a thank you. Thank you so much to the Melvita team. Let's start with the mini reviews. P.S. These minis came in the most adorable floral pink & green box which I, of course, forgot to photograph. But it really is precious!

Melvita Fresh Moisturizing Body Milk

First impressions: Not sure if I love the scent, but the consistency is something I love. Very milky indeed and sinks into my skin immediately. It really moisturized nicely as well, though my skin might need something a bit more potent in these cold months. Might be great in the summer.

Sunday thoughts: Okay, I am a person who is way to lazy to moisturize normally. But I was good and applied this every single day, sometimes even twice. And I am not joking - I don't know if it's the whole moisturizing thing or this specific product, but this actually helped my stretchmarks!! Some of them have faded at bit, which makes me insanely happy. Not thrilled about the scent, but the product itself is lovely ...

Melvita Argan Oil

First impressions: Didn't impress me when I used it on my face. Woke up with still-greasy skin, though it was very soft. Maybe as an overnight treatment or for doing the Oil Cleansing Method?

Sunday thoughts: My favourite way to use this was on my body, my skin just drank it all up! Used it on my hair as well, but I wouldn't recommend it as a styling product as my hair ended up looking a bit greasy. Maybe as a treatment. Smells great!

Melvita Hydrating Facial Gel for normal to combination skin

First impressions: Beautiful floral scent that really appeals to me. Really nice product which is a similar consistency to their body milk, a bit runny, but you're still able to work with it. Sinks in incredibly quickly and was great as a base to my makeup.

Sunday thoughts: Awesome product! Love this for under my makeup as well. Keeps my skin looking matte and still dewy (HOW?)

Chopard Wish EDP

First impressions: Not for me. Incense and patchouli, blah.

Sunday thoughts: Wait a moment! It evolved into something really beautiful, sweet, vanillary, caramelly, I even smell honey. Actually really like it and it's incredibly strong - need to apply as little as possible otherwise my head starts hurting. Love the scent when it settles down.

Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna

First impressions: Nice enough scent, tad generic. I smell patchouli, though. Not the biggest fan.

Sunday thoughts: The sillage and logevity are a total joke. This lasted, literally, 5 minutes on me. I even asked my mom if she smelt it, thinking I just got used to the fragrance, but nope, nada. Too watered down and the scent is nothing special, either. Majorly disappointed.

Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream

First impressions: Applied before I went to bed. Nice consistency and scent, nothing special.

Sunday thoughts: Wowza! Woke up with really tightened skin under my eyes. Really helped the puffines under my eyes, but I wasn't thrilled about the tightening effect. It felt a little constricting.

Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip cream for sensitive skin

First impressions: Not really sure what this product is intended for - wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin? Need to do some research. Might have made a mistake when I applied it directly to lips, but it felt so good! Instantly calmed down my dried out lips and my eyes felt very pleasant after applying this as well. Like.

Sunday thoughts: Well, I love the scent and I love the way it applies and feels on the skin, though I haven't had any longterm effects. Will keep using it until I run out. Also, it works great as a lip balm - I'm pretty sure it's not intended for that but it feels good on the lips.

There you have it! I may seem a little bit negative in this post, but please remember these are just my first impressions and my opinion may change when I keep using the items and may differ from yours. Just being honest here!

By the way, I would love if we could turn this into a bit of a tag. :) Feel free to do your own Sample Sunday post and link it back to my blog! I would love to hear your thoughts.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

FOTD: No Makeup Makeup

Two things inspired me recently. The first was Nuša's post on her Face Of The Day (which you can see here) and the second was a Youtube video by the lovely Gabby (watch it here). After watching that video, I had a sudden craving for the No-Makeup-Makeup, a look I hadn't worn since high school. These days I'm all about the eyeliner and Pepta-bright lips. So I thought I'd change it up a little for today and did a really natural look (is it just me or do these natural makeup looks really require the most products).

I started off with Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation (which I have in the second lightest shade and it's too dark for me unfortunately), then I changed it up for my cheeks. I used this really old Essence Marble Mania blush, which I love because it adds a beautiful sheen. Then I highlighted with MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle, just along my cheekbones. For my eyes, I just used mascara - Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp to add some length and Essence I <3 Extreme for volume. As far as eyebrows go, instead of using an eyeshadow, I went for a brow pencil by Catrice. And for my lips I struggled a bit, since all of my lip products are statement colors, haha! So I ended up using Dior Iconic lipstick in Diorkiss, and over the top I applied Catrice Lip & Cheek Stain.

I have to say I'm absolutely in love with this look as it's such a nice change to my routine, though I definitely feel a teensy bit naked without my eyeliner and bright lipstick!
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