I've been absent from the blog for a while, and I finally thought I would do a little update post to let you all know what has been happening with me! I've basically gone from posting every day to being very sporadic, which I'm embarassed, and quite sad about. Hopefully things will change for the better, but here's what's been going on ...

I got a new job

I've mentioned this here and there in passing, but let's take a minute to talk about it now. You know I used to work at Yves Rocher and Cosmopolitan magazine, but it was time for new adventures, so now I'm working at an online cosmetics store here in Slovenia called Click2Chic. It's a fun job, but it takes up a lot of my time as I usually work full days, so it's really hard to find time for posting, as it's winter now and the days are so short.

You can read my posts on the Click2Chic blog

Sorry, they are in Slovenian, but if you'd like to read more of my posts please head to the Click2Chic blog, there's some amazing content on there. This is one of the main aspects of my job and I love it because I got to connect more with the ever so lovely Maja. I hope you like those posts and feel free to ask me about them if you're interesting in something and you don't understand Slovenian.

I started a brand new book blog called Bookterflies

Some people have been following my old blog, Quite Bookish. Really. for a while, but I really wanted to have a more special place so Bookterflies was born! I really hope you'll head on over and check it out, it's so pretty with the new design and there are quite a few reviews up already. I've been reading loads so definitely keep an eye out for even more opinions.

I've been feeling down

As some of you may know, I have depression and with the new job and some other things happening in my life, I've been feeling very down lately. It's nothing critical, but I often find myself unhappy and really stressed, and my confidence has gone down a lot, so it's been hard to post regularly ... Hopefully I'll get over this unpleasantness and I'll be back to happy-go-lucky Živa in no time.

You can ask me anything!

I've never done a Q&A and I finally thought it might be time to do one. I don't know if you really care about that, but just in case you have some questions/requests for me, I'd love to answer them. If there's enough comments I'll do a post, otherwise I'll just answer in the comments. You can ask anonymously by the way, or if you'd rather stay even more private, you can always e-mail me at nothinfancyreally@gmail.com.

Go ahead, ask me anything in the comments!