It's Christmas Eve tonight! I thought I'd show you some of my favourite Orly nail polishes for the holiday season. I've been a fan of orly for a long time, they have a great thin formula that is always opaque in 1-2 coats, and they dry pretty fast. I'm not the biggest fan of their thin, round brush, but it's perfectly okay. Let's see which colors I love this winter.

  1. Orly Red Flare - This is the most gorgeous and really unique red shade, it's very deep and quite dark, but not vampy yet. Perfect if you want a darker red nail polish but are afraid of going too dark.
  2. Orly In the Navy - what a beautiful blue. I'm wearing it right now and it's opaque with one coat, but despite being such a dark shade it has this beautiful sheen that makes it stand out a lot.
  3. Orly Luxe - a gorgeous, shimmery/glittery true gold. This is amazing because it really does look so luxurious, but is easy to remove, which is definitely not the usual case.
  4. Orly Rage - rose gold, my love ... From the same collection as Luxe, again, easy to remove, and opaque in one coat. These two look beautiful as accent nails as well.
All of these polishes were found on Fragrance Direct and they only cost around 4€ - serious craziness! They have quite a few shades so definitely check them out & order some here.
What's your favourite festive nail polish? & merry Christmas, my lovelies!