Liquid lipsticks, long lasting glosses ... They seem to be all the rage these days, don't they? I thought I would do a comparison of two more popular brands which both have a product of this kind, and I chose the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets as well as the Revlon Moisture Stains. Which product is the winner for me? Let's see their attributes first.

The Bourjois products are very, very soft on the lips. They almost feel like satin, you barely feel them on and they're easy to apply. That being said, the texture is a little 'different' - it takes a few wears to get completely used to it. The Revlon Moisture Stains, on the other hand, feel like a gloss on the lips. Quite moisturizing when you apply them, but they do dry your lips during the day. They're also a little bit sticky.
Bourjois 1, Revlon 0

Colour selection
I have to say I love Bourjois much more in this aspect. I would love to own every single one of the colours in the Velvets range, while Moisture Stains have some gorgeous shades, but some really weird ones as well. I for one am definitely not a fan of bright orange or brownish, dark nudes, and I don't know any woman who loves makeup that would go for such a shade.
Bourjois 2, Revlon 0

This is a hard one. I really love the Bourjois packaging, it's classy and pretty, plus you can see the colour pretty well. But Revlon ... Gorgeous square tubes, which look way more expensive than they actually are. I also love the applicator, which is larger than the Velvets and more bendable.
Bourjois 2, Revlon 1

Lasting power
Another tough decision! Velvets stay a really long time, but they dry my lips out a lot and they settle into the cracks, which doesn't look too attractive. The Revlon Moisture Stains fade, on the other hand, until they end up as a stain. 
Bourjois 2, Revlon 2

As you can see, I'm pretty much undecided. On one hand, I love the Velvets, on the other, Moisture Stains are great. But I would say when it comes to the liquid itself, Bourjois is better. Revlon has a better packaging and they would surely be the winner if they expanded their color range. So which one should you get?

Get Revlon Moisture Stains if ...

  • you like glossy textures
  • you like vampy shades or brights (I'd recommend Parisian Passion and Miami Fever)
  • you like classy, sleek packaging

Get Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets if ...

  • you like long lasting lip products (yes, even with kissing ;P )
  • you want a wide variety of colors
  • you like satin textures

I didn't mention the price, as they are pretty much the same for both products - around 10€. & there you go! I hope this post helped - I find myself quite overwhelmed with the wide selection of all these liquid lipsticks ...
What is your favourite liquid lipstick?