For a while, I've been looking for two complimentary perfumes from the same line, one for women and the other for men. I found an interesting option in the Oriflame newsletter with their Eclat fragrances. What did Tilen and I think of them?

Eclat Femme is a white floral, but not very similar to the other perfumes of the kind I usually go for (like Agent Provocateur and Kim Kardashian). Instead of being a sexy straight-up gardenia and tuberose, it's very mildly floral and quite soft, which I do like, but took a bit of getting used to. Instead of gardenia and tuberose, we have soft jasmine, which almost feels luxurious as it creates a blanket-like effect on the skin - it sounds silly, but it really makes me feel like I'm all wrapped up! A very soft fragrance with a mild sillage but surprising lasting power that will make fans of jasmine and soft fragrances very happy. You can find it on the Oriflame website.

What about the men's version?

Eclat Homme is quite a fresh fragrance with citrus and spices, a really nice perfume that is a tad generic, but will make most men pretty happy, so it's a great option for a gift. With bergamot and amber, plus the addition of woodsy notes, it's quite simple but lovely at the same time. And what does Tilen think?
Seems very spring appropriate, you can wear it everyday as it isn't that strong. Perfect for daily use and I like that it isn't overwhelming as I often get headaches when wearing perfume. Not a favourite of mine, but nice to have on my cologne shelf. I quite like the sandalwood note in it.
I personally think these two perfumes would make a really lovely gift, they definitely won't be a miss as they are scents everyone would like! Check them out on the Oriflame website.
Do you and your man have a complimentary scent from the same line?