Just a really quick post today to show you this beauty of a nail polish and tell you a tragic story! OPI is a brand of nail polish I used to swear by back in the day, but with the arrival of brands like Essie, Orly and China Glaze I forgot about it a little. That is such a shame, and now that I've tested out some more of their nail polishes, I'm hooked again. OPI has an amazing brush, an awesome formula and average lasting power (better than bad like most nail polishes which chip on me the same day).

Here we have Don't Pretzel My Buttons, and it's truly the most beautiful nude in my collection. It's very light, but not as light as Orly's Pure Porcelain, for example, and not as brown as some nudes. It's very neutral, not brown, not pink. Just a beautiful soft nude colour. Best part? It's only around 5€ on this amazing website.

And finally, the worst part - as I was taking photos of this nail polish, I dropped it on the floor and it shattered! I was incredibly sad because I had just found my favourite nude and it's so beautiful, plus it was a nightmare to clean. Awful!

I found this nail polish on Fragrance Direct, which is an amazing discount site. Check out their OPI polishes here and don't forget to check out the other offers, they have some amazing things!
What is your favourite OPI shade?