Ever since I got highlights (post on that coming soon), my hair has been quite dry and brittle. It keeps tangling and breaking, and I really needed a good hair mask to fix that situation. The saviours came in two round jars, filled with hair mask goodness! I have two amazing hair masks here today, and I cannot wait to tell you about them.

Let's start with the drugstore option, which is the Cece of Sweden Argain Hair Mask, which costs around 6€. This is a lovely option for dry and damaged hair, mostly it helps my hair now that it has had highlights added to it, which damaged it quite a bit. The mask is pleasantly scented and somehow managed to help my hair get to the condition it was before I color treated it, which I am really happy about. I really want to try the other products from the line as well.

And the other product I wanted to mention - Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Treatment Mask. This one costs around 20€ on FeelUnique. This is the perfect solution for hair that is dry and brittle! The description is perfectly right - it actually injects your hair with so much moisture, you will notice a difference after a single use - amazing. It also makes my hair smell really nice, and helps frizziness.

This duo is perfect for combating dry (Tigi) and damaged (Cece of Sweden) hair! I think my hair looks pretty good, considering I've added highlights recently.
What is your go-to hair mask?