Finally, another Tilen Time Thursday! For those of you that are new, Tilen is my boyfriend and sometimes, he likes to light up this little blog of mine with his posts. Here we go ...

Hey everyone, I know it’s been some time I wrote a post but I had to sort out some things with work and my faculty before I could get back to it. I usually don’t post about a lot of things but this time I decided to post some of my autumn attire.

The leaves are slowly but surely falling and we’re nearing the season to be jolly but we’re not quite there yet. It’s gotten really cold here but not so much so I’d have to start wearing a coat so that is why I’m sticking to knitwear such is the grey cardigan you can see in the picture. I also have one in dark blue and a darker shade of grey (yes, I have a thing for grey). I’ve bought all of them in H&M and they are lasting me quite for some time now. I was also lucky to get them on discount.

Next up we have some T-Shirts from H&M and Zara but don’t ask me which one is from where. I can only say for sure that the burgundy and black V-Necks are from H&M. I really wear these a lot since they are a bit longer and therefore a bit slimming.

The jeans are from Zara which was surprising for me since I usually don’t find a good pair of trousers or jeans in Zara since their sizes for men seem don’t seem to include tall and not-all-that-skinny people. If I find a good pair of jeans I’ll probably wear just them until I somehow wear them up and these are such a case. Most of the time I pair them up with the boots that I also featured here. I’ve taken up rolling the bottom part of them so I don’t step on them and I think it really looks good. 

Now I don’t know how other guys go about shoes but if I buy a new pair of shoes (actually, Živa bought me these) I want to be able to wear them at least for two seasons so that’s why I like to spend a little more on them. These weren’t that expensive and I’m sure they still have some if you check Deichman.

Then we have the wallet and the belt, both bought in Primark during our trip to Amsterdam. I have another belt like this with the same buckle only in black. The only thing I really went overboard during that trip was the beanies which I also got in Primark. They were sooo cheap so I said why not stock up.

The satchel (yes, it’s not a bag) was from C&A and comes with a strap. It really comes in handy when I have to go to work and don’t want to carry my backpack and it has really nice compartments.
Last but not least we have the Bvlgari Man in Black which is currently my favourite perfume, courtesy of Živa. It really smells so good and if I put it on it will last me through the entire day. I’m not good with describing scents so if you’d want a more thorough description you can read Živa’s post about it.

Well, that’s all for now. I know I always say that I’ll post more frequently but I really am trying. Hope you liked the post.

See you soon!