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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Skincare I'm Excited To Try

I have tons of skincare, and lately, I've been trying to stick to one thing so I don't irritate my skin too much. Nonetheless, there are quite a few items awaiting to be tried out in my drawer, and today I decided to share them with you! What am I excited to start using? Let's see ...

The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a really cool and innovative product that is supposed to help your skin protect itself from pollution, aging and daily stress. This is really someting you need to use daily, which is why I can't really report on any effects, as I've only used it a couple of times. It's a very light and pleasantly scented formula, though. At first I thought it was a gimmick, but the more I think about it, the more intrigued I am! This is a high end product, it costs from 95-125€.

Next up, one of my favourite skincare brands ever, and I product I've been coveting for years ... Vichy Idéalia Serum. This has the most gorgeous packaging and is supposed to help the texture of your skin and protect it from effects of smoking, stress, the sun and the wrong diet (hello). You can get this serum on Salma.si for around 30€.

The Balea Teint Perfection Primer has been in my collection for at least half a year, as embarrassed as I am to admit it. I just completely forgot about it! This is a silicone based primer which is supposed to erase pores and be used under makeup. I'll give it a go this week and report back. It costs around 8€, if I am not mistaken, and you can buy it in drogerie markt.

And finally, another product I've wanted to try for ages! The REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. Oblak Commerce were kind enough to send me a little sample, and, as a matter of fact, I'm going to try it as soon as I finish typing up this post! It's supposedly a miracle worker, so I'm very excited. The fullsize with 75 ml of product is available here for 53€.

My neverending quest to find some great skincare continues ... I really love trying out new things, but have been sticking to some Vichy favourites lately as they really do help!
What skincare product has got you excited?

Imam kar veliko zbirko izdelkov za kožo, zadnje čase pa se držim enih in istih, da ne bi svoje kože preveč razdražila. Kljub temu pa je v mojem 'skincare' predalu kar nekaj stvari, ki se jim že težko upiram ...

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate je res zanimiva zadeva, ki naj bi koži pomagala pred zunanjimi efekti, kot so stres, onesnaženost, staranje ... Gre za nekaj, kar je potrebno uporabljati vsak dan, zato ga še nisem dobro preizkusila, saj sem ga nanesla le nekajkrat. Je pa izdelek zelo lahen in lepo diši! Izdelek je res luksuzen in stane med 95 in 125€.

Naslednji izdelek si želim že kar nekaj časa (priznam, da me je premamila super kjut embalaža). Gre za Vichy Idéalia Serum. Pomagal naj bi pri sami teksturi kože in jo varoval pred stresom, kajenjem in napačno prehrano (predvsem zadnja točka je super zame). Serum lahko kupiš na Salma.si za okrog 30€.

Balea Teint Perfection Primer je primer na osnovi silikonov, ki je v moji zbirki že gotovo pol leta, a sem nanj čisto pozabila! Mislim, da stane okrog 8€, kupiš pa ga lahko v drogerie markt.

In končno še izdelek, ki sem ga čakala dobesedno na trnih! REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial naj bi delal čudeže v eni sami minuti. Imam majhen tester, ki so mi ga prijazno poslali z Oblak Commerce, ti pa lahko polno velikost kupiš na njihovi spletni strani - 75 ml za 53€.

Popoln izdelek za nego kože še iščem, sem pa na poti odkrila ogromno odličnih produktov. Zadnje čase me najbolj navdušuje Vichy!

Kateri izdelek za nego kože pa je všeč tebi?


  1. Shiseido ultimune je kr kul, men je všeč :) Se mi zdi, da mi zmanjša rdečico in ima koža bolj enakomeren ten.

    Samo cena je pa kar visoka...

    1. Super :) Ja, sama ga ne bi kupila.

  2. I have any skincare products! It's been a year and they never finished! Great post <3


  3. I'm waiting for your reviews about these products! Wheehoo!


  4. You're not alone on the skincare hunting train! I'm also trying to find a routine that works for me, for now I just keep trying products and seeing what works... :)


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