Today's post is another candle review, and again I'm featuring a gorgeous Yankee Candle, this time in the scent Cinnamon Appleberry. I was offered the opportunity to try one of the Fall Collection candles and I didn't hesitate at all, immediately choosing this candle in particular. Did it live up to my expectations? Obviously, since you can see I couldn't even wait to take photos of it, instead I have been burning it for days already.

The most prominent note of this candle are definitely the apples, they're so tart and juicy! I love this scent. It also has a mix of berries and cinnamon, but I really don't smell them all that much. For me, this is pure apple - you know when you go apple picking in your back yard and you get those fruits that are so ripe they're almost bursting? That's exactly what it smells like, and the scent is really fall appropriate in my opinion. This candle is scented, obviously, but not as heavily as some of YC's other scents, like Summer Scoop and Strawberry Buttercream - it's definitely not headache inducing, instead it's soft, but still very noticeable when you step into the room. I kind of want to eat this candle, it smells so good!

You can find it on, the large jar costs £19.99.
What is your current favourite candle?