I've had the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment for a while now, but I've never done a review. Why? Because when I'd been using it, I just did not see big enough of a difference to post about it. However, there's been a few times when I didn't apply this to my hair, and the difference was noticeable, so I finally decided to take some photos and post a review of this hair saviour.

This product is very liquid, milky white and not sticky at all ... It's so liquid-y you can easily apply too much, half a pump is just enough for me and I have long, fine hair. I love that it has a pump, because it makes application a lot easier. I apply it throughout wet hair, towel dried but not blow dried yet, focusing on the ends. This product promises to protect your hair from heat, give it shine and lock your ends in place to prevent splitting. What do I think?

It does all that, and more. Upon application, it makes my hair feel softer and that becomes even more noticeable when I dry it. It's incredibly soft and silky, has less frizz and is easily manageable (though almost a bit slippery, it's so silky). It's weightless, too. It works best when you use a blow dryer, perhaps it is activated by heat? It comes in an absolutely huge bottle of 250 ml which I have had for about half a year now and am not even halfway done. This product costs around 17€ on Feel Unique here, but I'd recommend keeping an eye out for sales and such, I got it for a few euros cheaper during their Redken sale in the summertime.

I would strongly recommend this product to girls with fine long hair that is prone to being frizzy, brittle and snapping easily. It really helps me personally and I think lots of girls would benefit from using it ... It's also really light, so if you've tried oils and they're too heavy for you, this might be perfect.
What is your favourite product for keeping your hair healthy?