I have a problem. In the past few years, I have accumulated so much makeup, skincare and bodycare, that is has now come down to one simple thing - I have nowhere to put it. I have so much stuff it's just impossible to store it, and I've grown sick and tired of my constant wanting of things, products and the newest beauty releases. It has all just become too much, and I'm at a point where I just don't want to buy anything else, which is where Project 10 Pan comes in.

I guess my wakeup call was trying to sort out my drawers, which are now overflowing. I've begun storing my things on top of my wardrobe, on my bookshelves, anywhere there's space left in my room. It's just sad honestly! My main problem is shower gels and makeup, I have so many lipsticks, nail polishes, body scrubs, face masks ... I just need to use them up.

I'm aiming to use 10 products in each category before I purchase new things - skincare, body care and makeup (possibly even nail polish). Of course I'm going to buy a new shampoo when I run out, but that will set me back a product - for example, if I've used up 4 products in skincare but buy a new face cream, I'll need to use up another product to make up for it.

I think this is a really necessary step for me, because frankly, the idea of buying and buying and then buying some more is just too consuming. All I do in my free time is browse websites for my next beauty buy - it's problematic. Hopefully this Project will help me see things more realistically, and most of all, make me use up more things.

I'll be posting my updates along the way, and I do apologize if not many hauls will go up in the meantime. I'll try to make it up with thorough reviews and empties posts. Wish me luck!
Have you ever done a Project 10 Pan? How'd it go?