I'm a strong believer in wearing anything you want any time or at any age, but there are a few products in my beauty drawer I'll be safely tucking away until spring/summer 2015! I just can't see myself wearing beachy coconut scents in the wintertime, or sporting a neon coral nail. Some things are best when it's scorching hot! So what am I putting away for the next few months?

Let's start with nails. Last year, I went crazy over the Models Own Polish for Tans collection, which consisted of some gorgeous neon nail polish shades. I loved them all and ended up getting three. Now these polishes are seriously neon! I definitely won't be wearing these in the wintertime or the fall, they're too bright. I prefer muted shades. Even when it comes to going out, I'd rather wear a nice vampy berry shade than a neon orange, to be honest.

Perfumes next! We have three here - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess being the logical one. It's the beachiest perfume I've ever smelled and I really love it, but when the leaves are falling down and it's -4 degrees outside, I am not about to wear a concoction of vanilla and coconut. Same goes for Britney Spears Island Fantasy and Jennifer Lopez Deseo, which are very tropical, fruity and scream summer to me. I might make an exception for Deseo, since it's a little powdery, but not sure.

Haircare and body care, we have an obvious sunscreen by Hawaiian Tropic (best brand for sun/tanning products for me), which will probably go bad by 2015, but I'm saving it in case somebody (ahem, Tilen, ahem), whisks me off on an exotic vacation in the next half year - a girl can dream, right? And then the Balea Sun Spray, which is supposed to protect your hair from sun damage ... I'm not even sure if I'll be keeping this, it did absolutely nothing for my hair! I might just throw it out.

I'm definitely not putting away my neon lipsticks (though I might switch them up for berry shades) as well as perfumes like Dolce by D&G, which is very spring-like and floral. I can't stay away. But these will be put in a box until May at the latest!
Are you changing your beauty bits this fall?