Before you all start judging me - I did not break my buying ban! Okay, I did order a skincare regimen, but I also used up about 4 products (more on that soon), and I didn't buy any of these items, so that is great. I've been managing to kick my spending in the butt lately and it's really making me feel better. However, I still have a ton of new beauty products ... a few days ago, I attended the Essence/Catrice event on the Ljubljana castle. Let's get past the whole I-had-a-panic-attack-during-it thing and skip right to the products, which you can see here in all their glory.

I'm a huge fan of Catrice, more so than Essence. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of Essence products and I really love them, but for me, Catrice takes the cake. They have amazing quality makeup for such a low price it's almost hard to believe. So I wanted to show you a few quick snaps of the things I'm most excited about from the event. I'll be sharing my reviews and opinions soon, but if you'd like me to review a specific product, do let me know and I'll push it to the top of my list. I have to say I'm most excited about the Catrice foundations, they look amazing and I've already tried two of them out and love both!

What is your last beauty purchase?