Today we'll be chatting about one of the beauty releases I was most excited about this fall, the Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette. This small beauty comes with 6 completely matte shades of eyeshadow which are bang on trend this season, as we've noticed with several other beauty brands, namely Urban Decay, who have added a second eyeshadow palette to their Naked Basics mattes. This will be more like  first impressions post, as I have only had the product for about a week.

My first thoughts about this palette - it's incredibly inexpensive. Only around 5€ and you get six shades? I'm sold. Second thought - it's great that you can easily see all of the shades in the palette, but a real shame that you don't get a mirror, it also makes the plastic packaging look a bit cheap. I opened the palette up and immediately liked the brush. One side is the standard applicator, while the other is a blending brush. I did my makeup with it today and I actually liked it, of course it's not the best for application, but it's better than most brushes you get with palettes.

Let's talk shades. They're definitely all matte and feel nice to the touch, very soft. They aren't that well pigmented when you swatch them and I was initially very disappointed. But applying them on my lids, they proved to have just the right amount of colour and looked lovely with my hooded eyes (if you have hooded lids too, I would strongly recommend using matte shadows, they look much better than glitters). The first shade looks white, but isn't that pigmented. Mixed with the second beige shade, it would make a nice browbone highlight. Third and fourth shadows are neutral taupes, pretty but quite similar. Then we have two darker brown shades, which are also the most pigmented. They also work well for my eyebrows.

I quite enjoy this palette. Of course it's not comparable to high end brands like Urban Decay, but it's amazing for that price. I love all of the colours and will definitely be using this a lot, the shadows blend well and compliment my eyes nicely. For 5,5€, you really cannot go wrong. I'd recommend it!
What is your favourite eyeshadow palette?