First of all - a little update. Yesterday I got a very, very special gift. My Dad's friend gave me an almost unused Nikon D90, which is a DSLR camera - I'm completely shocked, but he insisted and wouldn't let us pay for it. I am now the proud owner of a camera which is seriously amazing (though I'm struggling to learn everything about it as soon as possible, but I'll get there). I am so grateful and really cannot believe that such kind people actually still exist ... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. And to my dear readers, I hope you will forgive me if the photos are not perfect in the beginning, as this is my first DSLR and I'll need to learn along the way.

That aside, today's post is about burgundy, oxblood or whatchamacallit, dark red in general. I've been a fan of this colour for ages, be it on my nails or on my lips. Today's post revolved around lips, as I recently noticed two of the products in my stash are quite similar, but one would be perfect for daytime, while the other one would shine at night.

My daytime product is the Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose. I've been coveting their lip butters for years, but never ordered one online. A few weeks ago I was in my local drugstore and found out they now stock Korres! I was beyond excited and promptly started sampling anything and everything. Their perfumes, by the way? Divine, all of them. But the lip butters are amazing as well. I was primarily looking for something that gives my lips moisture while still providing some colour, and this is perfect, plus, a great colour for fall. It's really buttery and soft to the touch, very moisturizing and just pigmented enough. The colour is a light burgundy, which is very glossy and not drying at all. These cost around 10€, which is quite high, but I love them!

Next, nighttime. MAC Rebel has been a staple in my fall/winter beauty routine for years now, and I doubt that will change in the near future. This colour is just beautiful, a not very dark burgundy with tones of plum and pink. It stays on for ages and it just truly beautiful, it doesn't dry out my lips and doesn't budge, either. I've gone on an on about this one in previous posts, so I won't bore you too much.

Finally, I've been loving using a brush to apply these two babies. I just use a Real Techniques brush which weirdly came in their Starter Eye Kit, but I have no use for it, so I just use it for my lips these days. It really makes application easier and more precise, though it is a bit annoying to carry around.

Burgundy is such a staple colour for the fall ... I love it personally, though I'm also partial to a deep berry shade or violet/purple - I need to find some products in that area (though I am on a buying ban, sigh).
What is your favourite fall lipstick?