We all talk about what you should do and shouldn't do, but not many of us want to admit to all of the things we do wrong ... I thought I'd change it up a little today and tell you 7 little secrets about me regarding makeup and body care. Psssst, don't tell anyone! And feel free to do a similar post and link it in the comments below, I love beauty confessions.  Whenever possible, I've also added a solution that should help me get rid of the problem. So here are a few makeup/skincare sins I'm very much guilty of ...

1. Not washing my makeup brushes.
I am the laziest person when it comes to washing makeup brushes! Either that, or I completely forget to do it, so my brushes are looking very worse for wear at the moment. Plus, it has a really negative effect on the skin as unwashed brushes just collect bacteria and nasty stuff that clogs your pores. Hopefully, this post by Describe the Sky will make brush washing less of a chore ...

2. Falling asleep with my makeup on.
Horrors! I often do this - I'm sometimes so tired I just doze off, contacts in my eyes, full face of makeup on. This is a horrible, horrible habit, and I'm trying to break it by having a mini pamper session in the evenings - taking my makeup off early and putting on a face mask usually helps, and then I remember to do my night time skincare routine as well.

3. Biting my lips.
This is a hard one because I've been a lip biter for as long as I can remember! Even when I was in kindergarten, every time I got nervous, I would bite and peel my lips. Truly a lovely visual, is it not? It usually accompanies my panic attacks or happens when I'm stressed, so mostly I walk around with chapped lips and use super dark lipstick to cover up the fact that they're all torn. Solution? Applying copious amounts of lip balm.

4. Walking around with chipped nails.
Probably the hardest one to admit to, because I used to be such a perfectionist when it came to nails ... Lately, I often find myself so tired I just cannot do a manicure, and more often that not my nails are chipped or bare. Most if not all polishes chip on me during the first day and I really don't have time to do them every single night! What could a solution be, I wonder? I think finding a good quick drying topcoat and taking an extra 20 minutes to freshen up my mani every few days should do the trick.

5. Inability to apply false lashes
Seriously, falsies are the bane of my existence. They actually prompted me to write this post, because I tried to put some on and nearly gauged an eye out (and I'm writing this squinting on one eye since I managed to pour most of the glue in the other). How do people do this? It can't be that hard! I'm committed, so I plan on watching a couple of Youtube videos about putting on false lashes and mastering the art.

6. General contact-lenses-related laziness
I don't take them out. I wear them too much. I fall asleep with them. I don't change them often enough. You name it, I've done it. To remedy this, I try to take the contacts out as soon as possible, so if I know I'm not doing anything for the rest of the day, out go the contacts, and on go the glasses. Another solution would be to own a pair of glasses I could actually wear in public as opposed to the pair I have had since my freshman year of high school!

7. Lack of moisturization
I made up a word just now, possibly, but I am so lazy when it comes to lotions. This is especially annoying because I own about a hundred of them and will never use them up at this rate, which is applying body lotion every few weeks. My solution is taken care of - I've neatly placed a jar of body butter in my bathroom where I can't pretend I don't see it when I come out of the shower. So far, so good!

This post was quite funny to write and I hope it gave you a good laugh. But seriously - bad beauty habits are something you need to admit to, first of all, then eradicate! I could go on and on about mine, but let me focus on these first and report back on possible improvements.
What is your worst beauty habit?