Hello, long time no see! I've been absent for a few days because it was my birthday yesterday. I had a lovely time and now I'm glad to be back posting again! As a little birthday treat to myself, I got this beautiful ZARA bag, which I'm absolutely in love with.
Of course, we all love the ZARA City bags, which I've admired ever since seeing them on the arm of my friend Nina. I spotted this beauty a week or so ago in Celje, except that it was in a dusky pink colour. I decided I really wanted it and headed to the store, only to see this version instead - a gorgeous pale blue.

I really wasn't planning purchasing a blue bag, but this was so pretty and so gorgeous! And it's an absolute bargain at 30€. It's medium sized, has gorgeous gold hardware and is made incredibly well for that price, plus, it has loads of space in it! I also love the colour which will work in warm and cold weather in my opinion.
I got a few things yesterday, but this is definitely my favourite ... It's absolutely beautiful and I'm just looking for opportunities to wear it. It's gorgeous.