I haven't reviewed a candle in a while, and I'm here again with a Yankee scent. I was incredibly excited to be offered a chance to try one of YC's Summer Days scents, and I chose Tahitian Tiaré Flower, since I absolutely love gardenias and this is infused with their scent. I received this humongous jar which has been put to good use already - I've been burning the candle for a few days after taking the above photo. And what do I think of it?
The scent itself is surprisingly very soft for a white floral. If you're a fan of gardenia, you're probably well aware that it can be quite an overwhelming scent. However, this is very inoffensive and smells perfect in the background. Very pleasant and appropriate for lovers of gardenia and even those who aren't sure they like it, almost powdery, but sweet at the same time. Really lovely scent, but beware - it isn't strongly infused with fragrances like Summer Scoop or Strawberry Buttercream, for example. This one is gentler.

 I would definitely recommend this beautiful scent and you all know I'm obsessed with Yankee Candle. They really offer the best quality on the market in my opinion. You can purchase this scent on yankeecadle.co.uk for 20 pounds, and it burns for up to 150 hours!
You can also check out the rest of the Summer Days range which has two other scents. Napa Valley Sun is a vanillary amber scent, while Early Sunrise features notes of lemon, ginger and tea.
What is your favourite Yankee Candle scent?