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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Upcoming reviews & requests!

Today, I thought I'd share some new bits that have made their way into my beauty cupboard and tell you which reviews are coming up on the blog. I also thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask you if you have any post requests - be it for any of the products in the photo or something completely different!

I know a few of you really want to see a photography post, which I'm currently working on. Though I have to warn you, it really is nothin' fancy (ha). 

So, a few of my new items include yesterday's KIKO haul and some nail polishes I'll show you soon, this gorgeous Makeup Revolution or I <3 Makeup Blusher, Baby Lips, Kardashian Beauty, a new Givenchy fragrance I've wanted for ages and finally, a Revlon Lacquer Balm. 

I know Catrice are going to release a new collection for fall, where they basically revamp their permanent offer, and I'll definitely be picking up some bits from that, too. In case you don't know - Catrice is a makeup brand we have here in the EU.

Here is another pointless photo, just because I liked the flowers (who would've guessed, right?) ...

And with that, I'm going to let you go! Again, I'd love some requests because I have quite a few things to review and I'd like to know what you'd most love to see ... And completely off-topic requests are very welcome, too!

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