I just came back from my vacation today and am sporting a glorious burn which better turn me into a bronzed goddess by tomorrow. That aside, I wanted to share a few beauty bits I picked up while at the seaside. I was staying in a Slovenian town, but Tilen and I made a quick trip to Italy, namely Trieste, because I really wanted to pick up some makeup to try from KIKO Cosmetics. While I've tried (and loved) their nailpolishes, I still have not picked up any makeup from KIKO.

The KIKO stores are so amazing! They really remind me of MAC, and I had a great time browsing through all of the items they have for sale. By the way, they currently have nail polishes on offer and they only cost 1,90€ - bargain!

I made a wishlist previously on their website and wanted to order directly from there, but the shipping is too expensive - from 7 to 12€, which is a bit much, wouldn't you say?

I ended up picking quite a few items from my wishlist as well as some bits I saw in the store, and went home with an eyeliner, blusher, lip liner, concealer and some brow products, too.

I will also be showing you all the nail polishes I got in the next few days. I've decided to stop posting daily - it has really been taking a toll on me and made me extremely tired. I would rather have fewer posts and be really, really proud of both the content and photography, and I think it really shows I took special care to take good photos for this post - I quite like how they came out.

Have you tried KIKO? What is your favourite product from the brand?
P.S. Browse the KIKO website here.