As you may remember, I had a bit of a KIKO splurge when I was in Trieste earlier this month. I've already showed you my beauty bits, but today I thought I'd share the nail polishes I got. KIKO had them on offer for 1,90€ when I was there and I couldn't be more thrilled! I went for very fall appropriate shades as you can see ...
Prepare to be shocked - upon digging through my nail polish drawer a few months ago, I realized I don't have a single red nail polish. Of course, this situation needed to be remedied, so I settled for 362 Poppy Red. It's a gorgeous, true poppy or maybe candy apple colour, which is really shiny and driest fast, plus if you're careful, it's opaque with one coat.
Next, I also got 378 Light Plum, which is just such a typical colour for me ... It's something between a greige and a purple, very pretty, very understated. This shade is probably one of my favourite colours of all time, and I know I'll be wearing it a lot - actually I'm wearing it on my toes as I type this.
I went for 255 Violet Microglitter, which was the only disappointment out of these. It's not opaque enough for my liking and when I was trying it out I had to apply 3 or even 4 coats because it was uneven. That's a bit too much I'd say! Still a gorgeous sparkly purple shade which I'll probably end up wearing as an accent colour.
A purchase I hadn't planned was 529 Metallic Beetle. My eyes just kept ending on this shade, which is an incredibly gorgeous green metallic colour, I just couldn't resist, plus, I just ordered a necklace in a jade green colour and thought it would go perfectly with it!
And now finally, my boyfriend had requested a manicure and I was so shocked by it I ended up getting the colour he suggested. He loves Tumblr, and apparently saw a photo of a girl wearing matte black nail polish. So my last two buys were 275 Black and 3 in 1 Mat Nail Care. I've already tried out both and they look great, though you have to be very careful with application because they can get quite messy ... On the swatches above, you can see all of the polishes with the matte coat as well to give you an idea of what they look like.

So I ended up getting 6 nail polishes, 5 of which cost 1,90€ and one was around 3€. 6 nail polishes for 13€? Don't mind if I do! In general, KIKO nail polishes dry really fast, which I really enjoy, though I wouldn't say the staying colour is anything spectacular. They're still my favourite though - I just love them.
What is your favourite nail polish shade for fall?