Basically, I wanted to do this post because the photos of the polish are so pretty (I love that photoshoot with Kate Bosworth for InStyle). So do forgive me if the swatches are not the best, I tried, but there's only so much you can do without a DSLR when it comes to nail swatches.
As you may know, I got this nail polish in my recent KIKO haul, and it's probably my favourite out of all the polishes I got. 529 Metallic Beetle is a gorgeous metallic green which looks blue in some lights and jade in others. It's just gorgeous! Plus, you only need one coat for full opacity, which is just amazing. I do wish these polishes lasted longer, though. They chip the next day or even the first one for me, but then again, so do all nail polishes I've tried ... My nails are very brittle, so that may be the problem.
Here's the (awful) swatch ...

Hopefully you can see how gorgeous this colour is, I really do love it. It looks more blue on the photo, but in reality it's very similar to the jade necklace is the picture.
I'd say KIKO nail polishes are definitely ones to try, especially for that price - I got them for 2€ on sale, but they're usually around 4€. Let me know if you do decide to give them a go!