I recently used a whopping number of foundations - 3! I've had all of these since the beginning of the year so it was high time for me to use them up. Now I'm done with all of them I thought I'd give you some quick reviews of what I thought of them. I've also bought a new foundation which I absolutely love - I finally got L'Oréal True Match! If you'd like to see a review of it, I would gladly post one. Now let's start with these used up bottles.
I've had Catrice All Matt Plus for the longest time, and the reason behind that is that I truly do love it. I've mentioned before how much this foundation reminds me of Revlon Colorstay, but a better version of that - it's not as thick and does not feel like a mask in the slightest. I also really enjoyed the finish of this foundation, which is indeed very matte. Plus, it's really affordable at around 6-7€ in European drugstores (dm, Müller). I know Catrice recently revamped their line for fall and kept this foundation, which must mean others like it as well! They also have a few new foundations I'm dying to try out, but that's a topic for another day.
Back at Christmas time last year, I visited Budapest, and left with a bottle of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. This is very different to Catrice - it's dewy and light, with small glitter and shimmer particles in it. It's also inexpensive at around 8€. Don't let the glitter scare you off as it is barely visible on the face. It gives a very nice luminous finish. My skin is very oily, so it did get shiny after a couple of hours and I had to powder it, which is the only qualm I have with this foundation.
Finally, we have my all-time favourite. Don't get me wrong, all of these foundations are lovely, but L'Oréal Lumi Magique just takes the cake. It's a bit more expensive, anywhere from 12-17€. But it's so so worth it. What I love most is the high coverage while it remains very light and the versatility. You can apply it without powder, which would look beautiful on drier skin, but on my oily complexion, used with a powder on top, it gave me the most gorgeous luminous, glowing-from-the-inside finish. Just a gorgeous product! I would strongly recommend this one, even if you don't like dewy finishes, give it a go.
Those were all my foundation empties as of late and I have to say, I've really been hitting the nail on the spot with my choices lately! There's only one in my drawer that I don't like right now, but that's saved for another post. Hope you enjoyed!