A few weeks ago, I attended another beautiful event for the release of Sensai's revamped line with the Japanese Saho tradition. We were also introduced to a new fragrance by Bvlgari and I just couldn't let this one go unnoticed! You need to know about this perfume, be it for a loved one or for yourself - it is absolutely divine.
As soon as I smelled this fragrance, I was surprised. It was all explained soon - the creators of the perfume decided to mix feminine notes with strong, masculine ones, to create a unique blend. It's really noticeable, the perfume starts off with notes of spices and tuberose, but then adds leather and rum to the mix. The overall effect is a beautiful, beautiful mixture of a scent that is somehow subdued and incredibly sexy at the same time. 
The scent is long lasting but doesn't have an incredible sillage, which I actually like. It means only someone who gets closer will be able to smell this beauty, and isn't that somehow very seductive? It's like a whisper of a promise, so strong when you embrace him, but only teasing you when you're a few feet away.
I also love that the perfume was inspired by mythology, which is a topic that has interested me since I was a child. It was mainly influenced by the story of Vulcano, a god who was exiled to a volcanic island and found himself in love with his surroundings.
I am going to come right out and say it - I will steal this perfume from my boyfriend often. It is just such a gorgeous, intoxicating scent and I think it works well on me! However, Tilen absolutely adores it as well and has gotten so many compliments already it really makes me jealous.
In Slovenia, you can buy either the 30 or 60 ml bottle with prices from around 52 to 72€. I would really strongly recommend this one - I don't generally post about men's products but I just couldn't resist ...