I was lucky enough to be sent a few Bourjois products which I am so excited about! I requested a few things with one thing in mind - recreating a certain makeup look. Can you guess which one?

As opposed to my usual red and pink lipsticks, this time I went with more taupe and brown shades. Of course I had only one person in mind - Kylie Jenner. I love the look she wears a lot with neutral matte lips, so I got a few products to try and recreate that for you. Here are the lip product swatches ...

I also got a Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, which I used to love in the past. I've been wearing True Match these days and while I love it upon application, I find it to be a little patchy during the day and it makes my skin horribly, horribly oily. I need to fix this because the other day I looked at myself in the mirror at work facing a window and probably let out an audible gasp at the horror that is my face at the moment!

I also got the new 1 Seconde Mascara, which I've heard nothing but amazing things about. It has a plastic brush, which I don't like in general, but I think I'll love this one, it looks pretty good. I'll report my thoughts back to you, of course.

That's it for today & hope you enjoyed a little beauty fix!
What makeup items have you bought lately?

Tako vesela sem, da sem v oceno dobila nekaj Bourjois izdelkov, saj znamko res obožujem. Izbrala sem nekaj izdelkov z makeup lookom v mislih, uganete, kaj načrtujem?

Namesto mojih običajnih roza in rdečih odtenkov sem izbrala nude barve - seveda me je navdihnila Kylie Jenner in trendi iz 90ih. Zgoraj je nekaj swatchev, izbirala sem nude mat odtenke, kot jih nosi Kylie.

Naročila sem še Healthy Mix Serum, ki ga imam že dolgo zelo rada. Zadnje čase imam izredno mastno kožo, ta puder pa mi jo odlično matira.

Za konec pa še 1 Seconde maskara, ki je v blogerskem svetu izredno pohvaljena - upam, da bo všeč tudi meni, saj načeloma ne maram plastičnih kratčk.

Več Bourjois izdelkov pa na Salmi.