I don't like ginger. I don't drink ginger ale, don't put it in tea, don't even eat the pickled ginger I get with my sushi. Gingerbread though? Sign me right up! Fellow blogger and all-around lovely girl Sandra surprised me with this amazing candle as a belated birthday gift. She knows me too well - I've gushed about these candles to her before and I was so excited to finally have one. It's safe to say I'll be ordering a bunch more as soon as I burn through some of my other candles.

Gingerbread seriously reminds me of Christmas. Okay, okay - I know it's still September, but I'm totally in a deck-the-halls-bring-out-the-mistletoe mood! I just love Christmas and the sooner I get to celebrate, the better. This candle is getting me in the mood perfectly, I just love it. It's very spicy but gourmet at the same time, filled with sweetness, ginger and cinnamon as well as sugary notes. Gah, I wish there was a perfume like this because I would drink it out of the bottle wear it everyday.

This candle is made by Best Kept Secrets and you can purchase it in Sandra's online store, Destination Pretty (change the language in the top right corner). At around 11€ a pop, it's affordable and deliciously scented! For a home filled with the smell of gingerbread goodness, look no further.