Another edition of this series, and today we have one of my best buys of the past few months. This Shaving Gel from Balea is a must-have! First of all, it's incredibly inexpensive at only around 3-4€. Next, it smells amazing, be it the Summer Garden edition with mango of Carribean Dreams, which smells of coconut. And finally, people, have you ever tried using a shaving gel? No? Then when you do, you shall ask yourself the same question I did after using it for the first time - what is my life? What have I been doing up until this point? I have filled a hole in my life, and I am happy. Also, my legs are smooth, so that's a plus as well.

I think this post is going to be quite short and sweet, but please, if you have a drogerie markt close to you, do consider giving this a go. It's amazing for shaving your legs, which I just think is complete torture, but with this product, it's so much easier and dare I say enjoyable, since it smells lovely!

What is your favourite shaving gel?