Ooh la la, would you look how neat and tidy I seem judging by these photos! To tell you the truth, my desk is usually a mess of various objects, but I've been trying to keep it clean and organised. I wanted to talk about a few items I like keeping on my desk. By the way, this post is inspired once again by Rebecca from Autumn Leaves - I don't think I need to keep telling you how awesome her blog is, since I say it in most posts! Now let's see what I have ...

Fresh flowers - Hello blogging cliche! I don't care how overrated they are, fresh flowers smell amazing and look even prettier. They perk me up instantly and make every work space look lovely.

A scented candle - My Strawberry Buttercream Yankee Candle is still going strong. This is my hands down favourite scent from them and I'm so glad I got the large tumbler as I've had it for ages and it's nowhere near finished.

Beauty essentials - I like keeping my most used lip products in my Ebay plastic holder just on top of my desk, so I can reach them easily when I'm going out or need to reapply. I also like to have a hand cream on hand (no pun intended), and I love the ones that come with a pump, like this Balea Shea Butter & Argan Oil Hand Cream. Finally, a lip balm is a must for a lip biter like me! I'm usually a regular Blistex/Nuxe Reve de Miel kind of girl, but right now I'm obsessing over this limited edition Blistex balm, which is Raspberry Lemonade scented. Not helping my lip biting habit at all, I might add, since all I want to do is eat it off!

A bottle of water - I used to drink water a lot, but have slowly grown out of the habit. I'm trying to pick it back up, since it really does help me feel and look a lot better. So my trusty old Aladdin bottle is always by my side (except when I go out, because the thing leaks like a mofo, pardon my French).

A mirror - My mirror is from Revlon. It has a regular as well as a magnifying side, and it lights up! Cue oohs and aahs. I really like it and I always apply makeup in front of my desk, so it comes in really handy.

Notebooks & pens - I just purchased a bunch of pretty notebooks from my local stationery store (they're from Pantone). I've been really good and organised, and have put everything down in my notebooks. I'll be doing a post on how this can help you as well as soon as I fill them in a bit.

All in all, I really like my desk to have as little clutter as possible, so I only keep things here that I actually use a lot. When I'm working, I really need to have a clean environment, otherwise I won't get anything done - and since I work from home, that might be a bit tragic!

What do you keep on your desk?