I've received some more Makeup Revolution products for review, so I thought I'd just quickly go over what I got. I do apologize if these photos aren't the best - I feel like I over-Photoshopped, sorry about that!

I got this package from Licila.si, and Tilen picked it up for me while I was at his place. I waited up and opened this in the middle of the night when he came home, I was that excited. I was really, really hoping I'd find the Sugar and Spice Blush Palette (I am the crazy blusher lady after all), but unfortunately it wasn't it there (I just might make a sneaky purchase in the near future). Instead, I received a gloss, three pigments and a nail polish. I was a bit surprised by the choice of products (they send them out, I didn't know what I would receive), but I realized I got some items I wouldn't have ordered myself, so it was a great chance to play with them and try out some new looks.

Let's start with the lip gloss. It's called Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss in the shade Must Be Strong (Slovenian, English). It's a nice sheer red, and smells really nice! However, it's really nothing special. It does cost only 2€, but I prefer a stronger lip color, though this will be nice for when I want a sheen and a bit of red for every day. Wouldn't get it myself, but if you like sheer red glosses, you will really enjoy it. I think I'll wear it a lot at the beach. Of course, I forgot to swatch the lip gloss for you (silly).

Next up, pigments. To be honest, I almost never wear eyeshadow. Sometimes I just use a neutral shade on my lid, because I don't want my eyeliner to smudge, but most of the time, I just skip it. I've never used a pigment before. I really like the colors I received, though. The first one is a really pretty, almost matte black called Starless (Slovenian, English). I've never had a black eyeshadow beside the one in my Urban Decay palette, and I just swatched it once - it's really pigmented and pretty! However, on every occasion I've tried to experiment with black eyeshadow, I ended up with a severe case of panda eye ... Can someone teach me how to do a proper smokey look, please? I also received Levity (SlovenianEnglish), a gorgeous lavender shade. This is the least pigmented, but still pretty strong. I'm so glad they sent me this shade, because I have green eyes and I've tried creating a look with it, and it came out super pretty. It's just a bit hard for me to photograph it, because my eyes are very hooded. And finally, I received Confront (SlovenianEnglish), my favourite. It looks exactly like NARS Orgasm to me, except with more shimmer. Absolutely beautiful, and I'm planning on using it as a highlighter. You need the tiniest bit though, because it's very pigmented. As far as my opinion goes on the pigments - I wouldn't get them myself, because I'm really clumsy and they can get a bit messy. However, the colors are beautiful and the pigmentation is great. Also, they only cost 2€!

The last product I received was a nail polish in the shade Call me naive (Slovenian, English). I got really excited when I saw this nail polish, because it looks exactly like my all-time favourite, Essie Fiji (or Romper Room, they're basically the same). I applied it today, and have a few opinions ... The nail polish was quite sheer and streaky, I added three coats and didn't like the way it came out. Looks okay on the photo, but it was very streaky. It's not milky enough to use it for a French mani, maybe it would work over a white nail polish though. I really like the brush though! It's very firm and not flimsy at all, so it makes application super easy. Again, it only costs 2€ - bargain. I really want to try their glitter nail polishes as well.

What is your favourite Makeup Revolution product?