Essie Blanc is a nail polish I've had in my stash for a while now, but my nails aren't looking the best lately so I've been putting off showing it swatched. I finally plucked up the courage today, and I do apologize if it doesn't look perfect - my nails are currently driving me insane! I picked up my favourite top coat (LCN Nail Power and really hope it helps return them to a good state).

I'm calling this post the new nude because I think white really can be worn as a nude! It goes with everything, it's modern, plus it makes your skin look more tanned. I absolutely love this creamy white shade. It's opaque in 2-3 coats (I applied 3, but if you're careful, you'll get away with 2). It's a nice consistency and not too difficult to apply, though I presume I'll have to use a thinner for the polish sooner or later - cream shades have a tendency to get thick and gloopy.

Essie nail polishes can be found locally in drogerie markt, and all around the world. I paid around 10€ and I love this one - looks great in any season and any skintone, a must-have really.

Do you like the white nail polish trend?