Our second themed week on the blog will have to do with skincare. Be prepared for 7 posts, one each day, featuring different skin and body care products! Let's kick it off with minimalizing our routines ...

Back in May, I posted about my beauty drawer. That thing was slightly horrifying with the amount of products in there, which is why I recently did a little revamp and decided to clean out my collection of skincare. I managed to get rid of some things which found new homes with my family and friends, and I'm left with some amazing products I know I love and really want to try out. I've also put together a little guide in case you'd like to do the same. Here are the products that are must-haves for me. Remember, my skin is combination to oily and problematic, so this may not suit your needs exactly ... Here we go!

Makeup Remover - I think if you use makeup, you absolutely need a makeup remover! My favourite is the Garnier Micellar Solution, but if you want something stronger or don't like micellar waters, try the Clarins Instant Makeup Remover (two toned, great for removing waterproof makeup).

Cleanser - I am a self proclaimed cleanser addict! There's nothing like cleansing my face and feeling clean and refreshed after a long day of wearing makeup. My favourites are listed in this blog post.

Light moisturizer - I absolutely love Balea's Aqua Serum, which is a newer discovery, but very popular locally. I love this light, nice-but-soft smelling moisturizer, which feels like nothing, is cooling and soaks into the skin incredibly fast. Another bonus is the price since it only costs around 3-4€ in European drugstore drogerie markt.

Mask - I have a few favourites here, but my favourites are the REN Pore Detox and Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey masks. They serve different purposes - the REN one really cleanses pores and the gunk in them, while Antipodes gives my face a fresh, dewy glow, which is just lovely.

Blemish treatment - I have so many favourites it's hard to pin point one, I'll have a post on all of them soon, but if you can only get one ... Get Vichy Hyaluspot, it's amazing. Or, if you don't use Vichy and want a natural product, go for Lush Grease Lightning.

Something for dry patches - I get really dry skin in the colder months and sometimes need a stronger moisturizer. My absolute favourite for this is Weleda Skin Food - very herbal smelling, potent but not greasy moisturizer. Takes a while to sink in, so try applying it overnight. You will wake up and see amazing results.

There we go! I still have way more than the must-haves I mentioned, but these are definitely my top skincare products. Why not try minimizing your own skincare drawer? It did me a world of good to get rid of all the products that were not suited to my skin type.

What's one skincare product you cannot live without?