I think these posts about my favourite item of the week are really helpful! I hope you agree, because I have another one for you today. I've been trying out quite a few I Love ... Cosmetics goodies, and recently attended an event for the brand. While I was there, I got the chance to sniff a few of their scents, and fell head over heels in love with this particular scent.

Unfortunately, the Minty Choco Chip scent only comes in two forms - as a Revitalizing Shower Gel and a lip balm, which I don't own. I finally spotted it in my local drugstore the other week and immediately grabbed it. First of all, I really liked the price - 3,5€ for 250 ml is good in my book! And of course, I couldn't get past the scent - minty chocolate chip goodness? Yes, please! It smells just like the name, or if you want an even clearer description - remember those After Eight chocolates? My grandma always used to have them when I was little, and this smells exactly like them. Absolutely delicious! What I love is the fact that while this scent is very chocolate-y and sweet, it's also really refreshing because of the addition of mint. In. Love.

If you'd like, you can purchase this product in several places. Slovenian readers head to Click2Chic (also available in store in Maxi, Ilirija ...), while international buyers should check out Douglas or search online.

What is your favourite I Love ... Cosmetics scent?