Bronze Goddess is a scent I've been obsessing over for a few years now. I've been told we wouldn't be receiving the newest 2014 version in stores in Slovenia, and after unsuccessfully trying to scout it online, I pretty much gave up. Fortunately, I was browsing one of the local drugstores and spotted last year's edition - on sale! I got the Bronze Goddess Capri Eau Fraiche in the big bottle with 100 ml for around 50€ (it's still loads to spend on a perfume, but y'know sorry not sorry). As soon as I sprayed it, I remembered how much I loved this particular scent when I smelled it in store last year. I loved it even more than the 2013 version of Bronze Goddess!

I know you're all sick of hearing this, but it really is summer in a bottle. The opening is heavy, but full of the freshness of citrus fruits. Then, some white florals unfold, but not the usual gardenia and tuberose, but instead lilly of the valley, peonies and jasmine. And finally, we have the ending, a beautiful, heavy, but soft mix of vanilla, musk and amber. To say it simply, it smells like the beach - sand, sun tan lotion, the sea and eating fresh fruit, then washing your hands in the water. It's just divine. I also love the heaviness which somehow isn't overwhelming, but very soft and heady. I love it. Eau Fraiche is the perfect description.

Unfortunately, I cannot compare this fragrance to this year's Bronze Goddess, because I haven't smelled it yet. According to the interwebs, the main difference is that the new BG has notes of coconut milk, sandalwood and tiare flower. So if you know me ... you know that's basically what my dreams are made of. So my quest for Bronze Goddess might still be ongoing, but until then, I'm more than happy to spritz this beauty. I got this one in Müller for the price mentioned above (hurry while stocks last & it's still on sale).

What is your favourite summer scent?