I seem to be the last person in the world to jump on the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets bandwagon. However, I am very glad I finally did, because these deserve all the praise they have had. I have two shades to review today, 05 Olé Flamingo! and 06 Pink Pong. Let's see what I think of them.

Starting off with the formula, the Velvets are basically liquid lipsticks which dry matte on the lips. They really are velvety to the touch and behave almost like a stain on the lips. The thing I dislike the most with other liquid lipsticks is the fact that they are very sticky on the lips, but you won't get that with these. The product is applied with a doefoot applicator without any issues, very easy to put on. I feel like people neglect to mention how amazing these are to apply and the feel on the lips as well - they really glide on and almost feel like nothing on my lips. They're not even drying, which is a complete miracle. I just love them.

Regarding the colors, Olé Flamingo! is a raspberry red shade, but very intense. It's more of a reddish pink. I am wearing it on the last photo. The two shades aren't that different on the lips, but I still love both of them. Pink Pong is pinker and darker. It's more toned down as well. I'm wearing it in the second to last photo.

The best part about these is of course the price - they cost around 10€, which is just a complete bargain. You can get them in most drugstores, in the UK try Boots, and in Slovenia, head to Müller or Drogerie Markt.

Have you tried the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets? What do you think of them?