I've never been one for expensive glasses. I haven't owned a designer pair in - well, ever! I would love to have one in the future (love the Karen Walker tortoiseshell sunnies), but right now I just don't think it would be a good idea to drop so much money on a pair of sunglasses, since I am on a budget and would rather get a few inexpensive pairs. For those of you in the same boat, I thought I'd put together a little guide to shops where you can get awesome inexpensive sunglasses. Let's get started.

A no brainer is definitely H&M, where you can get various shapes of glasses that are really inexpensive. I'd say the prices fluctuate between 6€ to 12€ at the most. I'd really advise checking their mens section as well, you can really find some hidden treasures in there! I've had a few pairs of sunglasses from that department and actually found them to be better quality than the ones in the womens floor ...

Zara sunglasses are really beautiful, but a bit overpriced I think. They usually cost between 20-25€, which I think is a bit steep, since the quality is basically the same as H&M. I would really advise waiting until the sales roll around, then scouring a store that maybe isn't in the center of the city (I really like the Zara store in Celje here in Slovenia), as they will often have more stock and the sunglasses you want might be discounted!

A similar store is Mango, and I have had a few of their sunglasses. They were really nice quality, definitely better than H&M, and quite inexpensive as well. You can always check in store, but they also have two websites, their regular shop as well as an outlet. I'm not sure the outlet stocks sunglasses, as there are none on there right now, but definitely keep checking!

You lucky ladies in the UK might also want to check Primark. I know their sunnies are ridiculously priced, only around 1-2 pounds for each, and they are quite trendy. Perfect if you want a more fashionable pair, but don't want to splurge on a designer item.

I also wanted to mention a few European gems. We have a store here called Six, which is basically an accessories shop that is like a less expensive version of Accessorize. If you're from Europe or find yourself in front of the store during the summer, definitely check their sunglasses out. I have a great pair of mirrored wayfarers from them and I quite like them. I also like the selection in New Yorker, which has some great finds sometimes (I have a really cute winter leopard print coat from them). And finally, I would strongly recommend checking out C&A. This is either a German or Austrian brand, I'm not sure, but their sunglasses cost around 5€ and they are awesome, they also have some UV protection, which is great. They also have cases on sale, and I got a gorgeous straw one (in the photos above) for around 6€, it's really sturdy and should hold up for a while!

If you're shopping online, I do love ASOS for a good pair of sunglasses. Their own brand is great, though I did find mine only lasted one season, after that they got really stiff and I could barely open them. Though to be honest, I did wear them in the water, so they got some salt and chlorine on them! Also peruse the outlet section on ASOS, you can get some awesome deals.

Some last suggestions - check out Tally Weijl, Boohoo, Missguided, New Look, Warehouse, Oasis, Topshop and maybe even COS and & Other Stories (a bit more expensive) for some great sunglasses.

I hope this post was at least a little bit helpful. Let me know where you got your favourite inexpensive sunglasses!