Where's the year going, month went by so fast, yadda yadda ... To skip all the usual horror over time passing swiftly (I'm getting old), I'll spare you and move right on to my May favourites. Altough I've somehow managed to write four lines of text and am now on to the fifth one by god I'll just shut up now. Here are my May favourites!

You may have recently seen this post, where I talked about my candle obsession with Yankee Candle Strawberry Buttercream. My humongous jar of it has been well loved this month and I have been burning it like crazy, but still barely made a dent in the wax! It's going to last ages, and I'm glad about that, because the scent of sweet strawberries with whipped topping is just divine (though it has made me crave strawberries 'n cream like crazy). You can find it on the Scented Candle Shop.

Let's move on to a lil' bit of haircare. I'm thinking about doing a monthly hair routine since I tend to change up my products quite often, and it might be interesting to see what I am using in regards to the weather as well. Well, my recent favourites have been the Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine 3 Shampoo & Conditioner for dry and damaged hair. I really have a thing for Fructis I've noticed! Any hair product I get from them is very well loved, they smell lovely and also work amazingly well for my hair. I've had these two in the past and even put them in a favourites video I think, and they really earned a spot again. More about them in my haircare routine. You can find both in drugstores, for around 3€ each.

I've also been loving two skincare products. First we have Vichy Night Detox, which I've already talked about. This is an overnight treatment which dries up blemishes, reduces pore size & generally improves the texture of my skin. I really love that it isn't oily in the slightest, but you actually wake up with a mattifiyed complexion. You can be sure this will be included in plenty of posts to come, as it has really become a staple in my routine! You can find it on FeelUnique for 20€.

As you all know, I am a big fan of Vichy Hyaluspot blemish treatment, but it's almost run out, so I've been switching it up with Lush Grease Lightning, which is also a staple on this 'ere blog. This is quite similar to Hyaluspot in that it is a spot treatment, but it's made with natural ingredients, including tea tree. I do find it's a little bit less effective, but great for everyday use, I've even put it on problem areas and applied makeup over it, and it has helped my skin a lot. My boyfriend actually says my skin has been looking a lot better recently (I had a terrible breakout after switching meds) and I do have to agree. You can find the products I use for my problem areas in this post. Grease Lightning can be purchased in Lush stores or here, though I think I paid less in store!

I also have a makeup favourite, the Bourjois CC Cream. I was a bit reluctant about this product because I'm not a fan of the leaky packaging, but I love, love, love the CC Cream. I am going to write a comparision post on this, so I won't get too into it, but it has buildable medium to full coverage, doesn't sink into pores, is slightly moisturizing and not drying at all, and doesn't fade throughout the day. A really amazing product and it's incredibly inexpensive at around 13€ on HQHair.

I've changed up my application routine as well! Goodbye Buffing Brush, hello Expert Face Brush. It's a new addition from Real Techniques and I love it! I'll do a comparision post on the two brushes, but they are quite different and apply makeup differently. It's such a versatile product, you can apply foundation, powder, blusher or bronzer with it - I'm pretty sure I need about 27 of them. Real Techniques brushes are so inexpensive as well - I love 'em! International readers can get it on FeelUnique, while my Slovenian readers should head to Licila.si.  Prices range from 13-15€.

And finally, I have a lipstick! This is an addition from the beginning of the month when I visited Amsterdam. On a whim I got two lipstick, and MAC Lovelorn (Lustre) has been on my lips constantly. This is an incredibly glossy light pink, a color I never thought would look good one me. It's a mix of Angel, Snob and Creme Cup, which all look horrific on yours truly, but this baby is just perfect. You can find more raves on it in this blog post and you can buy the lippie (YEAH I SAID LIPPIE) over here for around 18€.

What is your favourite product of the month?