I wanted to talk about the way I remove makeup. To tell you the truth, I totally used to be a makeup wipe kind of girl - they're just so easy to use! But I realized they really didn't remove all of my makeup, and they really stung my skin as well and made it dry out. So I made the switch to micellar solutions, and I don't think I'm ever going back - they're just so easy to use. But I also like to use a cleanser after my micellar solution, just to thoroughly cleanse my face and make sure there are absolutely no traces of makeup left.

The micellar solution I am currently using is REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water. This has a lovely scent, and I was a bit worried about it because strong scents usually irritate my eyes, but this works well and doesn't sting at all. If you like floral, rose scents, this is the one for you! It was, however, an acquired taste - when I first got this, I actually really disliked it, but now that I've found the right way to use it, I'm hooked. You have to apply it to a cotton pad, then, instead of pushing it around your eye area, let it sit on your eye for a few seconds, then swipe off all the makeup. Price is around 18€, you can get it at John Lewis, or in Slovenia, in drugstores like Müller and the Oblak online store.

Since I want to make sure all traces of makeup are gone, I like to go in with a cleanser as well. Right now I'm using the Dr Scheller Pomegranate Washgel for sensitive skin, and it is really nice. Softly scented, clear, and very gentle, it's easy to wash off as well. I use it in the shower or just in the sink, and it really makes my skin soft and clean. The price for this is really great, around 6€. International readers can find it here, while those from Slovenia should head to Ecco Verde.

How do you remove your makeup?