I thought I'd post a little round up of face masks I like today. I've always loved a good pamper and I've tried quite a few cult products as well as lesser known brands. Let's see what my favourite masks are ...

First one I'd like to mention is the well-known Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. I did a whole review of this mask which you can see here. This mask is really moisturizing, and I especially love it when my skin is in need of a boost. It feels almost like a moisturizer, but after it dries on your skin, it can tighten it a little bit. It also makes my skin very radiant and dewy, which is quite a nice change for my sallow complexion. This masks costs around 25€ and is on the more expensive side, but Antipodes is also a natural brand, so it's great if you're a green beauty lover.

A recent find is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Face Wash and Mask. I saw this on Mateja's blog and saw that it was completely different to the Antipodes mask. It's a clay mask, so it really dries my oily and combination parts, as well as helps my enlarged pores. It's really awesome because you can wash your face with it or leave it on for about 20 minutes for an even more thorough cleanse. It's also really affordable at around 6€ in most drugstores.

I have had REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask once before and I was left unimpressed. I tried it a second time around, because it's so praised, and I have changed my opinion quite a bit. This is also a clay mask, and this time, I actually noticed how much it cleared my pores when I used it. I think I was expecting miracles, because it doesn't shrink pores, but it really cleanses them and reduces impurities, which is great. It's quite an expensive mask - about in the same prince range as Antipodes. I'd really love to try other REN masks as well - like the Glycolactic Acid one, which supposedly smells like orange jam (that's totally the main reason why I want to try it).

And finally, we have a firm favourite, the Mama Nature Queen B. I've done a full review of this mask which you can find here. Mama Nature is a completely natural brand, and I recently received another one of their products, which I also love - really worth a try. Queen B reminds me of coconut oil - it's solid in the tub, but turns to an oil when you apply it. The mask really softens my skin and helps clean as well as minimize (!) pores. None of the masks I have tried have actually reduced pore size, so this is amazing (there's a before/after photo in the review post). Price is around 40€, but you're paying for amazing quality here.

What is your favourite face mask?