I recently saw the lovely Rebecca from Autumn Leaves create a new tag. By the way, please check out her amazing blog, she is such an inspiration! Anyway, I saw this tag on her blog and loved it, so I thought I would, well, tag myself, and do it today. I barely do any tags, in fact I don't know if I've ever done one before! If you'd like me to do a few more, definitely let me know. Now this tag basically makes you choose one thing/brand only. Let's see what we have ...

Low End/Drugstore Brand - This was a really hard one, and I had a hard time picking between Rimmel, Revlon, Bourjois ... Finally, I chose L'Oréal. They have had some amazing releases recently and you'll spot more of their products in this post.
High End Brand - Easy - MAC. I don't have a lot of high end makeup, but my MAC bits are the most treasured. I love everything I've gotten from them, especially the lipsticks!
Primer - I have a few, but the one that stands out is L'Oréal Lumi Magique.
Foundation/Face Product - Again with L'Oréal ... I'd have to say Lumi Magique again!
Concealer - Hello cliche, it's Živa, you are needed! Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer if you haven't got it by now.
Bronzer - I don't have a bronzer. *cringe* This must be remedied! Let me know if you have any bronzer recommendations!
Blush - Sleek Pixie Pink. I have tons of blushes, but this wasn't hard to choose. I love this one, and have almost used it up.
Powder - A recently new addition which I absolutely love - Essence Stay Matt! It's so budget friendly and recently became available in the UK as well, definitely give it a try.
Setting Spray - Caudalie Divine Water. Amazing scent and really refreshes my makeup and stops it from being cakey.
Eyebrow Product - This is a natural product and my first proper brow product. It's the Inika Brow Pencil, which is just amazing - very waxy, applies easily and deposits a lot of color. Only downfall is you have to add a shadow otherwise it smudges.
Eyeshadow/Palette - I've been using Urban Decay Naked Basics for ages and I absolutely love it, the matte shades are great for my hooded eyes.
Eyeliner - I don't have a firm favourite, but right now I quite like my benecos eyeliner.
Mascara - L'Oréal Miss Manga is awesome!
Lip Product - I really like lip crayons. My favourites are from Clinique, but a recent favourite is the Revlon Lacquer Balm (lovely).
Nail Polish - All time favourite would probably be Essie Fiji. Perfect pastel pinky nude!
Beauty Tool - Real Technique brushes, namely the Expert Face Brush, which is just amazing.

Now it's time to tag a few lovely ladies! I've chosen three whose blogs I just adore, so Tamara, Nina and Mateja, you're all tagged! If anyone else would like to do this tag, please feel free to do it & link back to Rebecca's post.

What is your all-time favourite beauty product?
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Rebecca z bloga Autumn Leaves je pred kratkim ustvarila tale TAG, ki se mi je zdel super za današnje jutro. Prosim, poglejte njen čudovit blog - je res velik navdih za moje objave. Ne vem, če sem TAG sploh že kdaj naredila, no - vse je enkrat prvič. Pri tem moraš izbrati samo en izdelek ali znamko glede na kategorije. Pa začnimo.

Znamka iz drogerije - L'Oréal.
Dražja znamka - MAC.
Primer - L'Oreal Lumi Magique.
Puder - Ponovno Lumi Magique znamke L'Oreal.
Korektor - Collection Lasting Perfection. Joj, sem dolgočasna!
Bronzer - žal ga nimam ...
Rdečilo - Sleek Pixie Pink!
Puder v prahu - Essence Stay Matt!
Sprej za dolgo obstojnost - Caudalie Divine Water.
Izdelek za obrvi - trenutno Inika Brow Pencil.
Paleta ali senčilo - definitivno Urban Decay Naked Basics!
Eyeliner - nimam favorita, zadnje čase mi je všeč benecos.
Izdelek za ustnice - všeč so mi voščenke ... Najljubša je Clinique Chubby Stick, zadnje čase pa mi je zelo všeč Revlon Lacquer Balm.
Lak za nohte - Essie Fiji.
Lepotni dodatek - Real Techniques čopiči!

Kateri je tvoj najljubši lepotni izdelek vseh časov?