I've been cooking a lot lately, and have come to find out, I actually really enjoy it! Gone are the days when I used to dread lunch time, as now I'm looking forward to every time I'm hungry so I can make something myself. I've also been trying to eat healthy, and I've been using recipes on the internet a lot. I thought I would share some of my favourite cooking blogs of the moment, as I've tested out so many recipes and have a few firm favourites. Let's get started.

All-time Favouritehttp://www.skinnytaste.com/

Gina from Skinnytaste was my first (and favourite) discovery. I love her beautiful, crisp photography, also that all her recipes include nutrition information, including calories and Weight Watchers points. But my favourite part of the blog are recipes themselves. I've probably made 20-25 recipes from her blog, and every single one was amazing. I am completely in awe, as there's almost always a dud, but I am not kidding, I was in love with every meal from her site and made some of them several times. These recipes are mostly budget friendly, really low in calories and absolutely delicious. You really must try some of them. 
Favourite recipes: 
- Banana Nut Bread, a firm favourite, made it around 5 times and everyone loves it
- PB&J Cookies, only 4 ingredients and really delicious
- Creamy Cauliflower Soup, made without cream, really filling and just 80 calories per serving
- Cauliflower Tots, so filling and really delicious, great way to sneak in vegetables
- Chicken Pot Pie Soup, great for colder months, filling, yummy
- Stuffed Pepper Soup, Tilen's favourite, filling, incredible taste
- Skinny Salisbury Steak, so easy to make and the taste is out of this world
- Potato & Green Bean Salad, love the complementing tastes

Great for low calorie meals - http://www.eat-yourself-skinny.com/

Kelly includes nutrition information in her recipes and makes really unique combinations of flavours, accompanied by gorgeous photography. I also love the design of her blog which makes it such a beautiful read. Kelly's recipes are also great as a starting off point, as I've remade them with different ingredients several times. Her Pinterest account is also something to browse for inspiration and pretty photos. I love her recipes for snacks and desserts.
Favourite recipes:
- Lemon Curd with Mixed Berries, a refreshing summer dessert with intense citrus flavour
- Blueberry Lemon Bread, great starting point recipe which you can customize
- Mini Zucchini Pizzas, cool snack with food you have at home
- Baked Zucchini Sticks, ah-mazing! Want to eat them every day.

Beth's blog is a relatively new discovery and I haven't tried any of her recipes yet, but she deserves an honorable mention nonetheless. Beth calculates the cost of every recipe and makes sure they're budget friendly and good for you, as well as good to eat. I have pinned a bajillion of her recipes and cannot wait to make some of them. Head to Budget Bytes for a myriad of dishes, diverse pasta meals, Asian inspired cuisine, and yummy breakfast ideas. There's also a cookbook out for anyone interested.

Yummy & healthy desserts - http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/

I haven't tried many of Katie's recipes, but I am in love, love, love with her blog. This gorgeous lady posts mostly desserts, and I really want to try all of her dips and sauces, as well as cookies, brownies ... Heck, I want to try everything! Katie's recipes are accompanied by gorgeous cheery photos which instantly make me feel happy. Katie is a real inspiration photography and blog-wise, and I love how she makes traditional recipes healthier.
Favourite recipe:
- Homemade Peanut Butter Oreos, delicious, great snack, made really fast

Treat your body and mind - http://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/

My poetic title aside, I named this blog as a treat because the recipes are delicious, but I also love just staring at the beautiful blog. The beautiful photography inspires me so much, and I also love the design of the blog, the recipes ... Everything! This is another site where you can really customize the recipes, I've done it several times and they came out great. Maria & Josh are such an awesome couple!
Favourite recipes:
- Greek Tortellini Salad, refreshing, great summer lunch
- Chocolate Dutch Baby, my version here

There you go, my favourite cooking blogs! I think next time I'll make a Slovenian edition as we have so many amazing food bloggers. I also wanted to mention that you can keep track of what I cook on Pinterest - I have a special board where I pin all of the recipes I've tried along with my comments and a rating. Find it here. Hope you enjoyed this!