You guys. You GUYS. How can I express to you my love for this candle? Let me just say you absolutely need it in your life if you like sweet fruity scents, and even if you don't, give this one a sniff and I'm sure you'll fall in love. I have this absolutely humongous container of Strawberry Buttercream and I am so glad I got the big one, because it's a treat to burn it. With the scent of plump ripe strawberries covered with frosting, I am completely smitten with this beauty. I have to say I am really impressed with Yankee Candles, they are my all-time favourite as they burn beautifully and they scent my room even when they are not burning ... When I go somewhere, I take the lid off of this candle, and when I come back, my whole room is strawberry scented - just amazing. It's so soothing to have a candle burning as well, it really helps me concetrate and since I work from home, it's a really welcome addition to my desk.

I got this candle from The Scented Candle Shop, which sells all kinds of candles and other related goodies. I would definitely recommend a good ol' browse of their site, which is absolutely lovely ... I got another YC (look at me, all down with the candle talk) candle, actually a set of tea lights, which will definitely be featured here in the near future. This particular (huge) candle costs around 25€, but you can also get smaller sizes - you might want to try a little one in case you don't like the scent, and if you get tired of fragrances easily.

Just another thought - why don't we burn candles as much in the summer? Of course, it's hot and the last thing on your mind is burning something, but with Yankee's gorgeous summer scents I can just imagine unwinding on a summer eve with a scent like Pink Sands or Bahama Breeze. Oh, another scent I would strongly recommend is Summer Scoop, which I had last year. Di-vine!