As some of you know, I've been working with Fragrance Direct and loving every second of it. I've told you I love the site before, but recently I've become even more obsessed with it. The ever so lovely Fiona saw my recent posts about perfumes I've almost used up, which also included Vera Wang Priness, my all-time favourite. She offered to send me the new edition, Princess Power - how could I say no to that?

Princess Power arrived in the post safe and sound, wrapped in a gift with purchase, which my mom immediately claimed (cheers, momma). It was a big lilac beach bag with sequin purple hearts on it - quite cute! I was so anxious I unwrapped it right there at the post office and started sniffing it like a certified loon. This is an Eau de toilette, like the original Princess, but the scent is a bit more faint - on me, Princess lasts for hours and has the power of an EDP. This is more refreshing and light. I really don't see any similarities between this and the original Princess - that one is a mix of guava, vanilla & chocolate, while this is a musky blend of fruits and florals. The scent is quite musky, but not in a masculine way, as the added notes of raspberry and pear (one of my personal favourites) really soften it up. Jasmine is also present in the concoction as well as vanilla and frangipani, which I love as well. The effect is a light and airy fragrance, perhaps a bit different than the name might suggest - when I hear Power, I think strong notes, maybe gardenia, tuberose, with some vanilla thrown in for femininity. However, after consideration I've decided I really like this scent - it represents a modern, flirty, confident woman who is at heart still girly. My mom asked me if she could have it since I didn't seem to like it so much at the beginning and I said yes, but as I type this, sniffing the fragrance, I think I'll keep it for myself after all - there's just something about it. Sorry mom!

I'd definitely recommend giving Princess Power a try and even if you don't like it, come back to it in a couple of weeks. There's something special in this 'un. Available on Fragrance Direct from around 30€.